13 Reasons why Season 3 E11 | Homecoming protest and Fight Scene 1080p

30 thoughts on “13 Reasons why Season 3 E11 | Homecoming protest and Fight Scene 1080p

  • I'm very suspicious of Ani
    1. In one scene, Bryce tells Clay he has no idea who Ani truly was and that she'd done crazy things
    2. She mentioned Jess's mirror reference before it was revealed that Bryce mentioned that in his tape, did she listened to it first?
    3. She wanted conflict between Clay and Bryce, she denied kissing both Bryce and Clay (that they made the first move) when she CLEARLY made the first move
    4. She even claimed in her narrator she wanted Clay to feel jealous when she was with Bryce and even hinted she wasnt who she said she was and lying wasnt a big deal for her
    5. Clay even suspected Ani but we never see any follow ups about that
    6 she fucken fabricated the whole story but we dont clearly see how she was able to out it al together
    8. During homecoming, she was seen in two different scenes leaving away from the football feild
    9. I felt like she was giving Clay false leads and pointing blame to anyone
    10. Also she found the watch, she was with Bryce when he mentioned the watch and when they confronted Seth, before he could say anything important shes the one that throws the bag to Seth, it was hard to see but I rewind it an surely it was her! She has some balls like she done this before!

  • Am I the only one who was just like super annoyed with Jessica in this season? Like, I'd never want anyone to be quiet about their sexual assault, but the entire 3rd season only revolved around Jessica and her being raped by Bryce. That is all we get from her, and it's like super annoying. Bcus Jessica is so much more than that, and it would have been nice to have seen her come out of her shell and get better. It was just like the entire season is about Jessica and her sexual assault, that's it. And her hooking up with Justin again. I hope in the next season we get to move past this Jessica and see her moving on from everything that happened to her in the first season. All she did was talk about how she was gonna make a change in the school and stop the jocks from pulling their constant bullshit, but nothing really ended up changing at all.

  • To be honest all the characters in this show are cunts and dont deserve any forgiveness,They were all the cause for Hannah's death maybe not toni and clay but this bitch and the guy that got broomed in the arse definitely deserve no forgiveness

  • Lmao guys watch the fight in 0.5x you see everything no one actually touched anyone it’s all faked fighting like no face to fist contact was made and I found it funny that Jessica was laughing when she “kneed” that guys balls

  • Justin running in to protect his girl was beautiful. All his teammates immediately having his back was powerful

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