21 thoughts on “CATHERINE – FIRST PS3 SEX GAME!! (BUY NOW)

  1. calm down :cky61. its one step at a time. R18+ adults only video games is something that people have been waiting for, for a long time and is nearly here. New laws with video games were first put in place just May this year that allow R18+ video games to exsist, Max Payne 3 to be one of the first to exsist in Australia. P.S. PS3 game designers didnt stop u from jerking off for 5 hours. Next time while your waiting hold the controler with 1 hand and jerk off with the other, problem solved.

  2. sex game. hahaha, right. There's not a single scene of nudity in the whole game. No nipples, no genitalia etc. It may be adult themed, but it's nothing but a big tease. I mean Leisure suit larry shows more adult material than this.

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