Clementine Finds Jane and Luke After They Had Sex (Walking Dead | Telltale Games)

As Clementine, Bonnie and Mike return from the Civil War museum, Rebecca begins screaming in pain, attracting a herd of walkers nearby. The group quickly try to move Rebecca to the safer observation deck that Jane was working on earlier. Kenny and Mike will fend off the approaching walkers as the others get Rebecca away, though Bonnie notices that Kenny is only attacking a single walker over and over. Upon arriving at the observation deck, Clementine discovers that Luke and Jane had just finished having an affair, and Luke becomes shocked when Clementine arrives. Kenny instantly snaps and becomes hostile towards Luke as it was Luke’s job to be on the lookout for walkers. Regardless, the walkers begin to climb the observation deck, and the group prepare for it. Kenny stays with Rebecca and deals with her birth, while the others secure the gate to ensure the walkers are unable to enter the deck… “The Walking Dead” Season 2 by Telltale Games. Episode 4 “Amid the Ruins” ► Watch more Walking Dead videos:


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33 thoughts on “Clementine Finds Jane and Luke After They Had Sex (Walking Dead | Telltale Games)

  1. My official 📄 Walking Dead Playlist: (220+ videos). Have fun… PS. To all people asking: Did they really do it???.. Yes. They did. Othewise Jane wouldn't get pregnant and wouldn't suicide herself in Season 3 (if you didn't let Kenny finish her in Season 2). And as some of you might know you don't get pregnant from kissing. Though you won't get any kind of real "sex scene" in this game.

  2. I say my options of clem's relationships and you answer yes or no.Let's do it!

    1.Clem and Louis sex(Romantic?)
    2.Clem and Violet sex(gross and weird/ankward?)
    3.Clem and gabe sex(Gross or Romantic?)
    4.clem and Sarah kiss(Gross,Funny or romantic?)
    5.Clem and Sarah sex(GROSS,Romantic or Funny?)

    My answers:
    1.yes,it would be romantic
    4.Funny and gross at the same time

  3. So like um Im watch OK no this since I didn't know the ending if u sided with Jane (so when she kills herself) and I look in the comments and see "that's what u get for having sec with luke" and I'm like "WHAT RHEY DID IT?! " so that's why I'm here I thought they were just kissing

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