Far Cry New Dawn: REFUSE vs. AGREE to Handcuff Yourself (Choice) + Twins Backstory Cutscene

Far Cry New Dawn Choices – Handcuff Yourself – What’s the difference?… well it ain’t much!

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49 thoughts on “Far Cry New Dawn: REFUSE vs. AGREE to Handcuff Yourself (Choice) + Twins Backstory Cutscene

  1. Lol Rush was such a bullshit character, did he even accomplish anything during the game? All he did was letting a train get hijacked and getting himself captured (and killed afterwards) lol. He also got his friend killed by the twins at the beginning because of his foul mouth

  2. When I had to choose whether to let the surviving twin live or die, I remembered this exact moment when they thought they were unstoppable, and I shot the bitch in the face with a shotgun. I avenged rushes death the exact same way, helpless and nowhere to go. She made me laugh when she said she was sorry for everything she did! Too late bitch! You aren't allowed to escape punishment !

  3. Someone do some research about them because they listen to GOSPEL RAP. Why they listen to CHRISTIAN MUSIC when they out killing and hurting people? Is there some type of reason for it

  4. Who in their right mind would actually handcuff themselves? Like realistically (and lore wise) if you had been living as a security captain for almost twenty years you should have more common sense than that. Rule one should be 'Don't leave yourself vulnerable, like ditching your damn weapons and tying yourself up for your enemies'.
    This game would have made a lot more sense if you were playing as Nick's daughter since she at least seemed to want to see the good in people and trust others but the captain clearly suffered some major brain damage during that train crash if he'd fall for this

  5. Survival tip: if all fails when your in a situation like this in a far cry game

    Use the power of god that Joseph gave to you and hulk out against your enemies

  6. What if they made a Far Cry based on playing as a Highwaymen then claim Prosperity. BRUHH THE HIGHWAYMEN ARMOR WOULD ME SO SIIIICKKKK

  7. At the moment when I broke out of the handcuffs this is what I was literally saying to myself "fuck… no thomas… OH SHIT GET EM GET EM YEAH FUCK EM UP FUCK NOO" literally what I was like.

  8. He went after Lou because she killed Rush, Some of y'all complaining that he didn't go after the shotgun. This is your answer

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