45 thoughts on “Game Review: Mass Effect 2 (Strippers, Sex Scenes & "The Shepard Dance")

  1. Everytime I hear the ME club song from Omega, I just get goosebumps. This is the best RPG series that has ever existed and will for a long time. ME2 and 3 plus all DLCs are an incredible and very memorable story. When ME2 first launched, I was dropping tears after 5 minutes of gameplay. xD

  2. The replay value of 2 is so so great lol… I replayed it the more then 3, it’s combat has so much depth… the squad combinations are so integral to each mission… each mission has something about the stage that can be exploited with certain and specific squad members and combinations thereof

  3. no Mako loses a point. Whoever thinks that driving on planets with Amazing-Beautiful skyboxes was Lame, and instead like Scanning Planets, is retarded; Simple. However, what is the Main problem with this game is the combat. Sticky-cover system, allies end up hitting walls and cover when you don't aim Perfectly at them in open-cover, and the guns are Horrible. Until you get the Tempest the SMG's are pure worthless garbage… but wait! Every Class but 3 Don't Have anything Except SMG/pistol. Who at their team thought that was a Good decision? people hated ME1 because of awful run-circles combat, which granted is Fair with immunity making a bullet sponge look like you were using Airsoft guns; however, I played ME1 again and some of the combat was bad-ass because the enemies sometimes rush you hard so you have to retreat, then when they get injured they rush out of sight forcing you to advance or another 2-3 enemies take their place, causing this back-and-forth dynamic of draining health and regeneration with Polonium rounds, Cryo rounds to impede accuracy, and giving your team awesome and different equipment so they can fulfill specific roles in your build like I gave Garrus Polonium rounds on his AR so he could hit them with toxic rounds and I could go for the shield-bypass with Proton rounds. I found that, besides the Immunity-Immun..ity that it was fast-paced, dynamic, and forced you to Know what you were doing. Sure ability spam was real but everyone was doing it.

    Now, in ME2, it was Horrible. Sticky enemies, slow krogan, barely any abilities are used Or effective against you other than a shield-drain and a short stun effect, and it turns into an ability-spam and Waiting to use abilities Constantly. In ME1 you had to wait but you could use Other abilities in that time. Now, to use 1 ability can be 10-15 seconds of cooldown which slows the gameplay down. Plus, the 2-weapon use for Most classes is awful Especially the Shiruken omg Terrible, and pistols which have Barely enough ammo, forcing ability-spam and Especially on Insanity, which I Always play on. Also bodies disappear almost immediately so battlefields with 20-30 enemy battles are empty and barren even 5-10 seconds after it ends, which is even worse as this is the 2nd game.

    Everything else is fantastic however. Choices, dialogue, characters and characterization, effects, story with disbelief at the council not believing Shepard At All which is ridiculous, plot, and ship-management also made sense. No Mako = Bad, however the game itself is definitely a 9/10 because it is not about combat rather combat is just to progress the actual game, but Combat is Easily 5/10 as it is pure Trash and makes every engagement static, linear, ability-spam fests with lame enemy types and barely any challenge, even on Insanity. the Only times that they are "difficult" are when they are spawning Everywhere at once with little to no cover, which is more of a cheap tactic they used but is often a problem in all games.

    However, this is Mass Effect, so if you Don't like talking for hours to people that you meet and can learn interesting in-world things about and also relationships for more than 60% of the game then Get Out, this game is for the Hardcore's not the CoD Color-Drug scrubs.

  4. Exellent game if you ignore the background story of part 2. Joining up Shepard with CERBERUS was a major flaw. After all we are talking here the Neonazi, Ku Klux Klan version of the MASS EFFECT Universe. In part 3 it was rightly corrected, CERBERUS was presented in the other corner again, but still this storyline in the second part left a bitter after taste to me after playing it. I mean the developers could have him teamed up with this reformed Pirat Lady he had met on the Citadel in Part 1. I would have thought that much better. This woman had made also a very interesting charackter.

  5. The game's great but one important thing to mention is that the PC port absolutely sucks. Just basic stuff like using the mouse wheel or Enter in menus doesn't work and, given it's a Bioware game, you're going to be navigating a LOT of menus. And binding sprint/use/cover to the same button may make sense with a controller but it's terrible with a mouse and keyboard.

  6. The "class restrictions" for the assault rifle was not a new feature. That had been in place since the first game, so there's no reason to fault ME2 for that; you can't mark something down out of your own ignorance.

    Also, personal preferences that developers never promised not being in the game is a shitty standard for a game to live up to. Space battles and online co-op is not what Mass Effect ever needed.

  7. Doing a replay of series now. Think my fifth play through. ME2 as always has best story but ME3 combat is a lot better. Might do a second play through of Andromeda…. which was meh

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