Game Theory: Spiderman is a CRIMINAL! (Spider Man PS4)

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Peter Park is the everyman, the good guy turned hero. Our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Right? Over on Film Theory I told you how Superman had been perpetuating LIES as a reporter. Well, what if I told you Spider-Man is WORSE? Today Theorists, I’m tearing away the mask of innocent reporter to show you the TRUTH!

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31 thoughts on “Game Theory: Spiderman is a CRIMINAL! (Spider Man PS4)

  1. J. Jonah Jameson is one of the best characters in comics and this theory is a good example why. In most every representation of him whether it is the comics (though with such a deep history JJJ has done more villainous things in that medium but he's also done very good things not only for peter parker but many other people), the Sam Raimi movies, or this game he's always depicted has hating spider-man and spreading wild theories about him, but there's always more to him than that and a certain grain of truth in his words. JJJ is always shown to have enough integrity to stand up for others, wether it's not selling out peter parker when the green goblin is literally threatening his life in spider-man 1, or the many examples you've shown in this game, what makes Jonah so endearing is that behind the rough exterior he really does a good heart behind him when greed or his vendetta against spider-man doesn't get in the way. One of the better examples of Jonah's good side was his role in the Silk comics, where he was constantly supportive and cared about Cindy Moon.

  2. If Spider-man followed the same rules that law enforcment does he would have had to kill Miles for being an unarmed black teenager.

  3. The main problem with (this) JJ , and this video, is blaming Spidey for arresting Fisk. THERE WAS AN ARREST WARRENT OUT. He was gone anyway, in cuffs or in helicopter, HE WAS GONE. Spidey was only reinforcing the police, and preserving evidence. The other "Whoops" moments, he has no such excuse

  4. Never watched this Video and won’t. Just gonna say this.
    Either way whatever Kingpin said about him protecting the City. Spider-Man saved it either way. And Spider Mans Main Goal was to stop every Criminal. His Goal is being a Hero, not a Criminal. Now if this were Super Man then i’d Agree 100% from how Crazy DC made him.

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