Game Theory: The TF2 Pyro…Male or Female?

TF2 has been immensely popular for six years now, but this Valve classic still has one lingering mystery. Today, Game Theory takes on Team Fortress 2’s unanswered question: The sexual identity of the Pyro. Is this TF2 hothead a male or female? Game Theory pulls back the mask to reveal who…or what…is underneath.

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23 thoughts on “Game Theory: The TF2 Pyro…Male or Female?

  1. Pyro is not hallucinating, piemations did a pretty good job showing the world of the pyro’s goggles

    Some of the other classes have domination lines directed at the pyro ( All of sniper’s domination lines have something to do about pyro being female.)

    Pyro can only speaks in mumbles so take this with a grain of salt, pyro MIGHT have multiple voice lines in which he says girl and woman, it might be an insult to the other classes or saying that they lost to a girl. But again take it with a grain of salt.

    Some of the facts that weren’t present in the video now are, if you think the pyro is female now then that’s your conclusion, if you think that he’s still a gay male that’s fine, but if y’all didn’t know this then you’re welcome

  2. Coming back to mention this- I have a twin brother so I was exposed to testosterone in the womb and he was exposed to estrogen. My ring finger is longer than my index finger on one hand but they’re generally the same length on the other. Thought that was interesting!

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