God of War: Ghost of Sparta 'Playthrough PART 11 (Mini Sex Game)' [HQ 480p]

[PART 11] My playthrough of God of War: Ghost of Sparta on ‘Normal’ difficulty settings, this was my first run of the game so it wont be perfect xD
Click the link below to watch the Mini Sex Game:

Platforms: PSP Exclusive
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Ready at Dawn Studios
Genre: Action
Release Date:
US: November 2, 2010
EU: November 5, 2010

source: https://tapkich.net.vn

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22 thoughts on “God of War: Ghost of Sparta 'Playthrough PART 11 (Mini Sex Game)' [HQ 480p]

  1. @sumoslam1 3. kratos is refered to as normal, but for some1 who has gone to the realm of hades TWICE and back….that shouldnt be a problem, he's a demigod like hercules, his apparent brother in 3…. and 4. even if she did, kratos would catch her..th ehell with it…HE'S KRATOS, nuff said

  2. @MorphingTiger i dont actually think DEATH ITSELF fears him….god OF death is different from actual death if i correct…example poseidon…god OF the sea…not the sea itself? and one point that grave digger said kratos became death XD

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