My 5 favorite video game enemies I love to hate and the 5 I wish would stay dead.

Don’t own anything. Nothing is official just personal. For the 5 enemies I love to hate it doesn’t mean that those are my top five favorite franchises so don’t get confused. The audio is really unstable this time. Make a video response or leave a comment about your favorites.


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49 thoughts on “My 5 favorite video game enemies I love to hate and the 5 I wish would stay dead.

  • mine
    5: metalls
    4: moto bugs
    3: coconuts
    2: penguinator
    1: cluckoid
    5: quickman
    4: sniper joes/bazooka joes/walker joes /ninja joes
    3: orbinauts
    2: shell crackers
    1: slicers and mumkhar

  • My opinion, not yours, one character would be on both sides. It's Zeromus (both normal and EG) from Final Fantasy 4!

  • Can't remember what they're called now, but, the enemies in Persona 3 & 4 that look like giant buff guys. I HATE those things.

  • What really pisses me off is the self-destructing Geodude family… Purely talking about Nuzlockes though, lol.

  • one enemy i HATE with all of my being are the Strike Ninjas from Samurai Warriors. these guys are strong enough to knock you halfway across the field in Melee Training mode. And it gets WORSE when you get to the next highest level of it! one hit from one of those guys, BOOM. TRAINING FAILED!!!

  • The birds in Ninja Gaiden do so much damage because Flying types are super effective against Fighting types.

  • It's kinda funny how the top 5 you love to hate are mostly villains while the top 5 you wish remain dead are regular enemies, most of which probably only appeared in one entry in the franchise.

    Personally, the ghost fish from Ninja Gaiden Black are far worse than the falcons from Ninja Gaiden NES, once even one of them latches onto you, you'll die very quickly, and there's very little you can do about it other than watch yourself get eaten alive.

  • Ganondorf must really like his dentist. How do I know? At the end of Twighlight Princess, when you impale him, his last words are Aaaaaaaaaaah. And you say ah at the dentist!!!

  • i hated the respawning birdo from mario bros 3, from world 2 or something. i finally beat her AND IT CAME BACK!! the boss was so hard!!! after you killed birdo, you had to make an platform thing to get to an higher platform, but if you dont do dat fast, dat fucking birdo returns!!

  • eggman is my #4 favorite sonic character, so personally he is #1 enemy, but otherwise i agree with these lists.

  • I mean are you F*(K!NG SERIOUS?
    lets count
    oracle games= 1
    vati 2
    girahim (demise is basically gannon of skyward) 3
    agnihim 4
    Zelda adventure of link 5
    Zant 6
    some others I don't own or know of 8
    and now
    yuga 9
    HOW MANY PEOPLE WANT Senior bacon bits revived?

  • My hate list goes
    5.Nobodies(Like the assassin or dancer)pains in my ass
    4.Heartless(hate that car too)
    3.Doppelganger(.hack) Most powerful enemy in the game, worse than final boss and optional ones. Takes 30mins+ to take him out, if he doesn't brutally rape you and your team first.
    2.The Chainsaw douche from the Resident Evils, when I played RE4 After a long leave for then series I got to the part where that prick showed up and Shit.My.Pants/I was a kid and I was traumatized, but got over it, until he came back even worse in RE5.
    1.L4D Common Infected, on Expert these assholes are a fucking menace, Takes 10-20 points of health in 1 hit, random hordes when health and ammo is low,always show the fuck up when there's a Tank making him harder to run from and we know what Tanks do on expert, Rape.Goddamn zombies

  • What stopped you from reaching your goal?
    Highly trained soldiers?
    A demon lord from another dimension?
    Then what was it?
    Fucking birds…

  • The TIE Interceptors from Rogue Squadron on the 64, especially on the second to last level because throughout the mission, at least four have been programmed to seek out and kill YOU. Not only that they can fly to a height you can't get to and have ridiculous banking and turning.

  • Well, the first fight was VERY easy, so it wasn't too bad, and kind of enjoyable. The second fight was the worst. Too long and annoying. But at least you can pelt him with bombs! I like the final fight because it gets itself over with, and I'm good at aiming the… Groosenator. Plus, it's kind of epic and much more fast paced. But the finishing move was lackluster. Twighlight Princess and most Ganon fights got boss finishing right, if you ask me. The fight itself isn't bad, but annoying.

  • Ok, blue Iron Knuckles from Zelda 2. I HATE those guys… they are WAY too tough, and one is even a boss! That is outrageous. Plus, I ALWAYS die to them… and they are way too abundant, meaning after you FINALLY beat one, another comes to finish you off, so you have to walk ALL THE WAY BACK and then they respawn to ruin your life… again…

  • You should have made a top 10 villains list though, as this list would see some more minions. It's obvious that all the evil villains (i.e. Ganon, Bowser) would easily make a list like this.

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