PUBG – The Making of Sanhok


When our teams in Seoul, Korea and Madison, WI began working on Sanhok, they wanted to make a smaller map that would be the most intense Battle Royale experience possible. Our new mini-documentary, the Making of Sanhok, will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the development of this new map from concept to release.

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20 thoughts on “PUBG – The Making of Sanhok

  1. What about 3×3 map.
    A lot of water and rocks
    I'm very greatfull for your work, but I want the fifth map. Water and very small map is unrealistically cool

  2. Please fix the lag and bugs in the game . # LOL the game is so good but still the worst with lags and bugs and that's not the good stuff for a long run / long term project

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