Sex-iled // Scary Game Squad – Until Dawn Part 3


Until Dawn continues! Mike and Jess go on their “sexpedition” to find the lovers cabin, but someone is watching….

Scary Game Squad is:
Jesse – @JesseCox
Davis – @TeamDavis
Jirard – @JKCompletesIt
Alex – @FacianeA

Until Dawn is an interactive survival horror adventure developed by Supermassive Games and is available to play on PS4.

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46 thoughts on “Sex-iled // Scary Game Squad – Until Dawn Part 3

  1. It's annoying seeing them play Sam as being unheroic, she is totally the hero of the story! Markiplier saw it, Super Best Friends saw it, and so did I when I played! Also what is up with them making Matt a wimp? They chose those options! He could have easily been a badass from scene one! Oh god, I've finally become one of those LP viewers who've seen too many LPs of a game… D:

  2. 13:34 "As far as I can tell, I still have all seven of my limbs!"
    Wa… Was that a boob joke? Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, head… Am I being a super misogynist, or is she referring to each of her chesticles as a limb?

    Also 26:30 "Watch out for that Josh, he's a schemer"

  3. Hooooly shiet Jesse is so fucking annoying at the beginning, saying stuff like no one listens to me, like holy shit I’m bout to go ham.

  4. i'll be honest, i never played this game, but i found Jesse's logic very sound and thought thats what the game wanted (until i scrolled down and saw the millions of comments saying "Jesse will kill them all")

  5. Of all the deaths that have occurred in my play through due to my poor choices
    My one big regret
    Is accidentally missing the high five with Josh

  6. I'm so worried to see how they do in this game. I've watched several Let's Plays of this. Two Best Friends, Tetra Ninja, Achievement Hunter…

  7. they start going back toward Hannah's room

    Me: Oh good, they won't miss that stuff."

    "No need to go back that way, don't even bother."


  8. Jesus shit. Four guys and you cant remember your own strategies. If youre gonna go by stats you have to actually view the stats. Also, yahtzees review pointed out the stats dont mean shit.

  9. The fact that Emily would cheat on Matt is fucked up I bet in real life if a girl did dat 2 Jordan. He would be pissed

  10. im enjoying the playthrough, but they keep on saying sam isnt a hero (specifically @ 33:30 ) when one of her traits was adventurous, i really like sam i think she can be one hell of a hero

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