These are a bunch of sex games I decided to review for you all for Valentine’s Day and for meeting our charity incentive! So enjoy possibly the best video I have ever made all about adult video games…

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Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em (
Bachelor Party (
BMX XXX ( and (
Dead or Alive 5 (
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (
Super Metroid (
Sexy Parodius (
We Dare (


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43 thoughts on “SEXY ADULT RATED Games – Haedox

  1. I knew something felt off in FE Fates. Whenever you invited a character to your castle, it felt like an entire cutscene has been deleted and they just say a sentence or two then leave.

  2. I hope in future we will get good porn games on regular basis, because oh boy the choice between boring porn(i cant muster any patience for they'r pacing and story) or shitty porngame,
    it is not appealling, and because there is no big figures, a dozen indie developers that are born and then intantly dying or stealing, and the icing on cake is dead or to spread out to find community, there is 0 competition and thus 0 income, and thus 0 reason do do anything, it's a miracle how can one create something like: honey pop, corruption of champions, and the rest is vn's or short demos(that will die without any hope), or you know you can play these japan games if game is simple enough to ignore language barriers(spoiler:not fucking one).

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