23 thoughts on “WRONGED – Deal With a Freaky Monster Baby in this Creepy Retro Occult Horror Game (2 Endings)

  1. Whenever this guy turned around, i felt like my guts were fucking melting. Like, facing this completely dark scenario made me really upset

  2. I think what makes the baby so unsettling, at least to me, is that it taps into both our parental instinct as well as uncanny valley.
    Like, it's obvious that something is wrong. A baby crying tends to upset us on its own, but the strange, deep groan that accompanies it takes it to another level. The way it looks, with its empty face, its stiff body, its umbilical cord still connected–it's wrong, but the way it looks so helpless, sprawled on the floor like that, its little body so fragile looking–your brain isn't sure if you need to protect it or protect yourself. Every time you leave it to do something else, as it's cries fade out, you're not sure if you've put yourself or the baby in more danger.
    And when you find it missing, you ask yourself what's worse:
    finding the baby,
    or finding the thing that took it?

  3. If the player is the mother and the monster in the attic is the father……how did she conceive the baby? ( guessing that the sounds at the start was her giving birth )

  4. Moral of the story is? Confusing game.

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  5. literally have this video is him going from one corner to the house and back with no real sense of direction or what to do. I don't know why you didn't edit this part of the video out or just replay the game with shorter footage it's unnecessary

  6. Based on some comments and on some themes written in the pages, I believe that the baby is the fruit of incest, and the thing in the attic is maybe the father/brother of the player being seen as a monster after some kind of abuse and/or occult manipulation (the apply yourself page), and now the act of giving birth and taking care of a newborn is just truly a nightmarish ordeal.

    Edit: Grammar

  7. At the first ending I was kinda bummed it was so short but then I realized this is a 22 minute video and the second ending got me like 👁👁

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