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The Any% speedrun for Dishonored is fast paced and full of several movement glitches. For this video, I teamed up with seeker (the current Dishonored Any% world record holder) a second time to do our best to explain this entertaining speedrun.
6:27 – This elevator only works on the 1.2 patch (or earlier), since we also clip through the ceiling by holding ‘Shift’ and a directional key.
6:45 – The jump at this moment onto the pipe has its climbing animation skipped thanks to precise positioning and scroll-jumping, as mentioned in the commentary.
7:15 – Alternatively, you can perform the Sewer Leap at 30 FPS if you don’t have a free-scrolling mouse wheel. Playing at 30 FPS makes the jump easier since you have to send fewer inputs at a lower FPS.
7:20 – At one point, we drop down onto a big rock, and are sure to land more towards the middle of the rock. If we land near the edge of the rock, we’ll fall too far, causing for us to die from fall damage.
7:33 – Overall, all this out-of-bounds work saves approximately 26 seconds in the sewers area compared to staying in-bounds. I was careful with my wording when I said “26 seconds in the sewers area” because overall, it actually saves even more time. By going out-of-bounds, we skip picking up both our sword and crossbow. In Dishonored, you run faster when you don’t have your sword out, which was utilized in old routes by performing a glitch called ‘Swordless.’ Swordless was performed by pressing right click during the sword flourish that Corvo performs whenever you put away your sword. Because we skip picking up the sword and crossbow, we never actually have the sword and never have to perform swordless.
10:31 – When we reach the end of the Void, we grab the rune, but rather than use it to level up an ability right away, we press escape and save using it until we exit, so that we can use the rune to level up Agility.
10:42 – After we exit the Void, you’ll hear the blink sound while the screen is still black. This is seeker spamming the blink button so that he doesn’t have to switch to blink after he gains control of Corvo.
12:30 – We also are able to blink over the Wall of Light with a precise blink; a little too far to the left or too low and you die from it.
12:58 – Also, when seeker threw the springrazor, he also crouched so he could pickpocket the guy before he died, allowing us to obtain the ‘Blackmail Journal.’
15:47 – When seeker interacts with the door to enter this area, he is sure not to spam F to interact. If he does so, it can create a “wrong warp” where later in the mission when we rescue Emily, interacting with the door we use to exit will actually return us to this first door, losing time.
16:03 – Upon entering, we immediately lift the master key off of Madame Prudence. We then will grab a nearby rune, level up blink to level two (increasing our blink distance), and enter into a big lobby area.
18:40 – Damage boosts in Dishonored are FPS dependant, so seeker waits for as long as possible in the loading screen before the boost to make sure his game doesn’t have any FPS issues.
24:45 – The water in this section isn’t actually everywhere in the out-of-bounds; if you go a bit lower than where seeker is, you’ll fall into the void and die.
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