AfterLife SMP S3 Ep.1 | Start of Something New! | 1.14 Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server |

21 thoughts on “AfterLife SMP S3 Ep.1 | Start of Something New! | 1.14 Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server |

  • Quick question, how do you make the shape for your builds? Cause not gonna lie, this one seemed a bit random at the foundation but the turned out really cool

  • don't you just love people who self-promo, and you decide to check them out and they…

    actually turn out to be a really damn good builder. Keep it up!

  • Hey, we have a server and would love for you to create videos on it, we give YouTuber ranks and other perks to YouTubers! Lmk if your interested

  • Glad for you man! Looking forward to seeing what you produce as part of this community. Sorry my thing wasn't for you but I'm sure great things will happen for all of us. You deserve it anyway.

  • That house is insane! Can't believe you designed it from the inside out. The carpet idea I believe was started by Blondskunk. You'll soon learn, if you haven't already, that Skunk is a huge influence on a lot of the builds in spawn.

    Welcome to the server man! Happy to have ya.

  • Welcome to the server! Your spawn house is looking great and can't wait to be able to buy wood again. Excited to see what you do next. The King has arrived!

  • Woohoo! Great to finally see how you made your house on the server and how your first week was on the server too. Glad to have someone like yourself on the server to show off with your awesome builds and fancy replay mod timelapses. Excited to see what else you do, and you are more then welcome to adjust the paths in the Industrial District if it'll help fit your tree farm.

  • Great first episode Zee! Love what you did with the house, especially that chimney 🙂 can’t wait to see what else you get up to!!

  • Great episode dude! you deserve some more people watching you IMHO.
    Also your voice is pretty relaxing to listen to, regardless of you being sick x)

  • Glad to have you on the server bud! Love the house, looks awesome! Can't to see what you do for the tree farm and log shop. 😀

  • Ahhh this is awesome!! I've heard of this server just never watched it but I'm going to make sure not to miss one episode!

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