Balance Patch Dramatically Improves Dota Underlords Meta

6 thoughts on “Balance Patch Dramatically Improves Dota Underlords Meta

  • Thanks for the new video! I'm actually happy about the mages being nerfed even though I play them a lot. it's getting quite old to see everyone competing for them. now the problem is if I can actually beat anyone…

  • Have to admit these updates new heroes, new mode, has really brought me back. I think with more Heroes the Jail system is not as dramatically restricting which it was before!

  • I wonder if making the requirements to get 3* ACE from buying 9 units to 4 units would help make the game more enjoyable or not…

  • This is getting silly… what's even the point of the underlords, they've had like 20-30 nerfs overall and maybe 5 buffs for them since they came out. I thought they were suposed to be this cool exiting thing to set underlords apart from the competition but it's getting to the point were they're a cosmetic choice and not much else.

    I mean they literally gave the entire game the old 2 scaled bonus 😛

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