"Behind The Scenes In My DJ Studio" – Phil Morse DJ Vlog #23 – DJ Tips

I’ve not had a chance to do one of these for what seems like ages, but as I explain in the vlog – for good reason!

[course link:

Anyway, today I have a rare look behind the scenes, as I explain a bit more about how Digital DJ Tips is set up, and how my personal studio works. I am showing it to you warts and all – so do take a peek!

This is episode 23 of my 40-part Learn to DJ vlog, where I’m sharing the journey as we make, release and teach something brand new called The Complete DJ Course [– the most ambitious DJ tutorial course Digital DJ Tips has ever offered to its students.

In the vlog I’m sharing extra little secrets, nuggets and surprising insights, aside from what will eventually be in the course. Plus some “behind the scenes” stuff around how this kind of thing gets done here at Digital DJ Tips. You can ask questions, and I’ll make sure I reply to every one of them.

Watch the whole series:

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21 thoughts on “"Behind The Scenes In My DJ Studio" – Phil Morse DJ Vlog #23 – DJ Tips

  • Phil, your vlogs always make me smile and help me learn about my passion. Thanks for being awesome. 👏🏻

  • Hi Phil, 

    Which Laptop Stand and Mount are you using and can they be attached to a flight case ?

    Can you show some of the Camera Grips and Video Hardware and Software used to develop the videos? 

    In your videos, what do you use to tape the video wave forms and mixing panel to where you present them on an edited video with call out effects ?

    For example Carlo & DJ RASP use these video call out effects during his demonstration videos.  

    What camera, grips and software are being used.

    Is the 808 your mixer of choice, can you go over on how to use the step sequencer and how it can be used to re-drum within mixes live ?
    Thank You, Your Student – GiuSEPPE Perilli – DJPeppY.com

  • i missed it the first free live session dj course yesterday at 8pm in canada, can you have others free sessions coming soon ?

  • Great video Phil out of all the different gear you’ve played on which piece of dj gear is your favourite at the moment.

  • Working from 4 remote places all over the world?? . . . This gives new meaning to the phrase : "working from home" : )))))

  • I like the human touch… messy equipment rack & hanging power devices (:>) Always great shows!

  • Hi Phil can i ask for a advice i have 2 Electro Voice ZLX12P i am happy with them for DJ jobs. 
    if I like to built it bigger sound wise what would you recommend 
    4x Electro Voice ZLX12P 
    2x Electro Voice ZLX12P + fx one ELX118P

  • Hey Phill that's quality mate , maybe you could go through some of the vinyls in your record box you played in club's , or your favs one day ?

  • Also I'm wondering, who actually replies here in the comment section ? Is that you Phil or is it anyone from the team ? 😛

  • Yo love the studio tour !
    Id love to see the other studios too and have a listen to what's the workflow for the other team members 🙂

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