chocoTaco and Lurn Get Motivated – PUBG Gameplay

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The chocolate taco man and Lurn are at it again in this Vikendi jaunt. Whilst choco talks to chat during the initial Tovar drop, Lurn kills a bunch of bad mans before choco decides to start carrying his own weight. The duo trek to Volnova and take a leisurely stroll around the southern portion of the map, getting into a few fights that don’t last long because, well, it’s choco and Lurn. Many things are discussed ranging from money to cheaters to jail until someone in choco’s chat gives him the motivation he needs to focus up: the promise of $250 to both choco and Lurn if they win. I say “focus up,” but choco still tries to pan the last guy because, well, he’s choco. Yay money. #chocoTaco #PUBG #Lurn
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Music: “DuDa” by Ian Post, from
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