Cyberpunk 2077 News – Deserts & Mountains, Sex & Objectification!

In Today’s Cyberpunk 2077 News + Details video we’ll be talking about if we’ll be able to travel past the Night city limits in Cyberpunk 2077, Objectification, sex and CD Projekt’s reasoning and philosophy for their stance on nudity, a developer hiring which could give us some clues to a Gwent like mini game or puzzle based quests in the game, backpacks and other equipment options you may have missed from the E3 trailer, and some additional things you cyberpunk 2077 fans will definitely enjoy.
First up can we just take a moment to appreciate this Samurai jacket that Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz received as a gift from CD PROJEKT RED for his 10 years of being on the team. It comes in a really sleek looking briefcase, and although doesn’t have the raised collar and all the LED jazz, actually seems more suitable to wear out in public. It’s got his name stitched on the inside, and is just an insane piece overall. Now some of you have asked if something like this will be in a collector’s edition, and while I think it would be cool, itll most likely be exclusive to employees and will just be a personalized keepsake for those who have dedicated their time to making games with CD PR.
Can we also appreciate this fan made Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox custom design by the Xbox Pope. This is NEON Nation Aesthetic to the T, and If I was going to be playing on Xbox, I would be all over this. Such an awesome design and kind of makes you wonder about the potential for console editions, although I think console editions are reserved for the most established developers, Which will happen for CDPR if they continue their streak of successful titles.
Next we have details about the outskirts of Night City. Now we’ve seen almost exclusively City settings for Cyberpunk 2077 so far in both the E3 Trailer and the Gameplay demo, which makes sense as Cyberpunk settings are based upon densely overcrowded locales and looming mega-cities. According to a VG end of the year re-cap article, Cyberpunk will feature more than meets the eye in terms of environments.
Similarly to how a whole new world of Skellige and it’s Isles was opened up to you in The Witcher 3, there will be a “certain degree of outskirts to the city” according to Richard Borzymowski from the CDPR team. He mentions that “We are not putting an invisible wall after the last building in the city, because that would completely break immersion. The city is located on the West Coast in California and there is a desert, and sea. Borzymowski also adds a peculiar addition in this quote stating “there might be something else” as well.
This leads me to believe that this reinforces the moon theory and space travel idea we discussed in a prior news video. It’s looking more and more convincing that we will be visiting space and or the moon. As mentioned before we see Orbital air which is a space travel megacorporation and there’s also this scene from the E3 trailer which looks like it’s in space.
A taste of what we may see from the outskirts is also reflected by these hillbillies from the E3 Trailer, who look to have settled in a mountainous desert setting on a farm of some sort. We also see the mountain peaks and ocean vistas in the gameplay demo. There is a “set sail ad” I mentioned in my all ads explained video, that hints at ocean travel of somesort.
The nomads are also a faction in Cyberpunk 2020 who prowl the outer city limites, so maybe a mad max styled quest or mission is in the cards. Now to what degree we can explore outside is anyone’s guess, but I’m going to assume the vast majority of occurences that happen will be in Night City with only isolated events being in the desert, ocean and previously mentioned moon missions.
Now fun fact of the day, the original Night City in the Pen and Paper RPG source material, was actually modelled in Sim City on an APPLE 2 by Mike Pondsmith all those years ago. Different layouts were prototyped and this helped with visualizing the city.
Next we have a new hiring at CD Projekt Red. Manuel Mendiluce from Tequila Studios who has worked on previous games such as Deadlight, Rime and Sexy Brutale, will join the Cyberpunk 2077 team starting this month. These are games that include stunning design work, with Manuel’s role at Tequila Studios being mainly lead level designer. Now Cyberpunk 2077 is already playable from start to finish, so I can see this hire being for a mini game in Cyberpunk 2077 similar to Gwent.
Rime is after all a puzzle styled game, which also could mean he’s developing the puzzles within the story, or even as a side option. CDPR has been making some big moves staff wise with Kyle Rowley, their associate design director leaving, as well as looking to hire automated test engineers and cinematics designers to round out the game’s development.


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