Doraemon Story Of Seasons: How to get Anywhere Door (PC 60FPS)

😍😍😂 THE ULTIMATE GADGET OF DORAEMON IS THE ANYWERE DOOR WHERE YOU CAN GO ANYWERE THAT YOU WANT. I was in Summer season having Copper Pickaxe and my doraemon relationship is at 3 hearts (blue) and Ryam Mayor at 2 hearts (purple). I guess that’s gonna trigger the event on finding doraemon’s door Hope you guys enjoy this video.

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19 thoughts on “Doraemon Story Of Seasons: How to get Anywhere Door (PC 60FPS)

  • I found out that you only need 2 hearts from the mayor/dora/and pent

    You can only activate the cutscene on summer. I got the anywhere door before I got the horse mind you

  • i got a request from Doraemon that he need 4 hibiscus before day 23 summer and reward are 4 pinks but i dont know where to get hibiscus , cant find seed from store do u know any other way to get it ?

  • My method to increase the relationship.. i just begin play this game and still in spring,17 i doraemon, ryam, blake and his dad (forgot his name) are in second love (sea blue).
    My method is seriously simple, just give doraemon,ryam,harmon and his nanny, the nurse, the cafe guy and his wife a build stone, then simply talk to them after that, and other than them just a weed, and talk to them after that…
    Talk to them after giving a gift is really effective…
    N back to this everywhere door, i think we should triggered the event during summer, or could anyone tell me how to get it, because my relationship with doraemon,ryam and pent should hve triggered this event, but i still can't get it.

  • I feel frustrated, Dora, Ryam, Pent has a dark blue heart, and every day (15 Summer's) go to the major's house, but this event doesn't trigger.

  • HEY! Thank you for mentioning "Doraemon's heart level needs to be at 3," I've seen another walkthrough state that each him, Pent and the Mayor need to be only at TWO hearts! Thanks, going to try this 🙂

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