Doraemon Story Of Seasons: How To Work / Get Money With No Staminas (EASY MONEY FISHING/COLLECT)

Hello guys, it’s quite fun to play this game. Nobita usually a lazy boy, but now he works very hard in this farm. So I have tips for you and Hope you guys enjoy this video.

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13 thoughts on “Doraemon Story Of Seasons: How To Work / Get Money With No Staminas (EASY MONEY FISHING/COLLECT)

  • question about the game, in the tutorial they said i have to sleep early or else i'll wake up late or something like that. im wondering if you know what time does the game consider to be late??

  • sorry to tell you, but i use super pick to mine and boost to level 7+ mine. get every fossil and amber later catch the fish on level 10. i got 36k at most.
    but you need energy potion from clinic or eat food every noon. so you can mine it all.
    also from mining it will help your tools to be improved. by this method i got my superpick, axe, and fishing rod on the early fall.
    The problem from this method is when the clinic or restaurant closed by monthly events.
    edit: also this is my problem with super fishing rod will not make your catch stars raise, only make a catch rate up but by a little beside a golden one

  • You can catch MBEGNA on SUMMER only at Rollins swamp. When AUTUMN you can catch PIRARUCU at waterfalls SWOOSH FALLS worth 3k – 4k price.

  • This game great but, the most ridiculous is upgrade. Upgrading house or barn are reasonable but, upgrading tool is the most unthinkable. How can just upgrade one tool need more than hundred ore. When carpenter just need one gold for making large golden door. I guess the blacksmith really rich because scamming.

  • Yes, I agree. Fishing is the BEST money maker in this game, before that i thought mining is the best money but i am WRONG.
    You can go to Rollins swamp and fish there. There is only 2 fish type in that swamp. Crayfish and mbegna. You want fokus only to catch Mbegna.
    1 Mbegna worth 4600 depending the fish star (4600 is 1,5 star)
    Usually i catch 2-3 mbegna per day and i got 12k/day.
    Nothing is beat this strategy i think.

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