Doraemon Story of Seasons Switch Review (Your Life is Over)

Doraemon Story of Seasons Switch Review. Play this game at your peril because if you start it, I don’t think you will be able to play anything else. Find out why this game needs to be in your collection!

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Game Description

Let’s cultivate our garden!

Nobita, our hero, lands in a random planet with his friend after getting caught by a storm. They meet the villagers and hear that the storm also hit the village and wiped everything except for one special tree. Nobita and friends decided to help the village to be prosper again, in exchange the village will help them to go back to Earth.

A slice-of-life game featuring beloved Doraemon characters!

Take control of Nobita, an average boy with a heart of gold, to help bring a destroyed farm back to life! Create bonds with the other townsfolk to witness heartfelt interactions while you explore and foster the land with Doraemon, Sue, Big G, and Sneech!

“Story of Seasons” with a twist!

Customize your farm by growing crops, raising farm animals, building furniture, and exploring everything that the city has to offer. Take advantage of Doraemon’s secret gadgets to make building your farm a magical experience!

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37 thoughts on “Doraemon Story of Seasons Switch Review (Your Life is Over)

  • Good afternoon, everyone, I hope you are well, this is the reason for my lack of videos this week. I had loads planned but then this game came along and I have to say I have been addicted and I mean addicted bad! If you don't see me for a while it's because of this game. Let me know what your thoughts are on gams like this? Do you love them hate them or, well just let me know. HAve a great weekend and don't forget to look out for our weekly bargains video tomorrow. If you want to catch up on last weeks then check it out here

    See you soon I hope!

  • Yup, Harvest Moon with Doraemon. Excellent combination. Now Nobita may be a lazy boy, but he's a good boy.

  • Guys i love this game (doraemon) i have heard of stardew valley and how good it is but i dont like the graphics. I kno that im just judging stardew valley by the graphics.. can someone else pass me a farming game with NO pixel graphics?

  • Good effort. The IGN Youtube review, said that there was no way to eventually automate things like crop watering. That'd kinda be a deal breaker to me. But apparently, there are ways, you just have to play the game and figure it out. (edit: the IGN reviewer didn't seem to like the genre much, so probably wasn't motivated to play to that extent)
    (I kinda wish I didn't have to think about that, specifically, because I think it'd motivate me to find those mechanism before really getting into farming. I just wanna know they're there somewhere.)

  • I hadn't heard of Doraemon & Co outside of this, but I'm a huge fan of classic Harvest Moon. As well, I enjoyed the demo. Would I continue to like the whole game? If there's too many anime/manga references they would be lost on me…

  • I really hope that this game sets the standard for Story of Seasons games to come. I truly don’t care about Doraemon much (didn’t grow up with it, no interest in it), but the style of this game is Beautiful.

    This game’s style makes me think of the older HM games Save the Homeland and A Wonderful Life. It has such an appealing color palette, and is cute without being too cutesy. I feel like so many of the most recent SoS games give up charm and style for being cutesy and heavily customizable.

    If we can get an SoS game that looks like this but plays like a regular SoS game (in terms of characters and being able to date and stuff)— I’ll be thrilled.

  • Thanks for the review. I just bought the game because my soulmate is a huge huge fan of Doraemon and it is growing on me. I hope I can finish it and don't get stuck on it. I really hope they will give a update for it to make it better. Cheers 🙂

  • No marriage/romance is a no buy for me. Will wait for Friends of Mineral Town Remake.

  • Not a fan of this art style and how dare you compare this crap to studio Ghibli, its a cardinal sin.

  • Oh my goodness, I can relate. I picked this up with the intent of it just holding me over until the FOMT remake comes out, but I haven’t thought of other games since. So glad I picked this one up. Perfect for a 5 minute gaming session or 5 hours haha 😅

  • Damn this looks so cool.. I was addicted to Stardew and put 140hrs in it. Very tempted by this, does it have some lovely ladies to woo and marry? 🙂

  • Great review Juan. Wasn't sure about this one, but now this has me interested. Though I do find the stamina stuff in these types of games frustrating.

  • I'm so happy you reviewed this game, no-one is bothering for some reason and it went completely under the radar when it deserves so much more, it's a brilliant game! Harvest moon/story of seasons is one of my favourite franchises of all time. Love this channel, keep it up!

  • By the way: It is not like Harvest Moon. It is the original Harvest Moon. What you now can buy as HM is only the name. The game needed to be changed to "Story of Seasons" due to selling rights.

  • I really wished Story of Season – Friends of Mineral Town remake has this kind of graphics.
    But what a let down, it still use an old super deformed style….

  • I play Stardew Valley on the Switch. Its a lot of fun, but because this is almost the same mechanics, I am not eager to buy this.

  • This game is just like Harvest moon and I loved harvest moon but the problem is i'm not sure I should spend time on it considering I have a full time job.

  • Another great review Juan! I ordered the physical copy about 2 weeks ago, should be at my house this week. Cant wait to get into this!!!!

  • I played the demo and absolutely fell in love with the visuals. Im a tad worried Id be addicted so might have to pass on it for now. Plus, really cant afford it right now (prob a good thing). Its def one of the better looking farming simulators out there.

  • im more into the main series, i think its more focused in making easyer and more fun the farming, but well, lets hope they get one from the main series soon! the last one was trio of towns, thanks for the review dude!

  • very addictive untill i figure u can make easy money through many easy method (fishing mbenga,cook bread),then the game is dead already once u have so much money.fucking spoiler

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