Dota 2 Pro Playing League Of Legends #2 – People Smurf In This Game Too?

50 thoughts on “Dota 2 Pro Playing League Of Legends #2 – People Smurf In This Game Too?

  • All the lol players gotta understand , back in the day singsing is fcuking legend who comes with the title "shoot arrow hit arrow" ( Im not sure u have this skill in LOL but it's the one that u shoot arrow and the stun of the skill goes according to how far u shot it from ) This master hit all the fucking arrows

  • Trying to pick a fight with Riven?
    Bad idea, dude. Riven can just run all up in your personal space and gobsmack the fuck out of you. She's literally a female Garen.

  • Dumb down bootleg version of dota looks good.
    Hey let’s design a game where you point your ability at ppl and they die that appeal to the teenagers that don’t want to spend time on games.



    as you can see dota2 player vs. LoL player

  • LOL is funny TBH. The game is so damn funny ! For non DotA 2 players I recommend trying it cause once you do so, you'll get a different feel from the two games alternatively.

  • dude your buying a support item in that recommended item if your using brand dont buy recommended item cuz brand is a support champ but also can carry in mid just click the "all item and find the ability power items" also if you want to see your damage click "ctrl+c"

  • Now you know how a DOTA gamer switches to LOL… He already adapted quickly in the game. If LOL gamer were to switch DOTA, its quiet the opposite.

  • Stopping people from getting CS – trading and wave manipulation. Shoving to the tower is one effective way of denying CS. Poking and harrass when they're trying to last hit can make them back off and lose 1 to 3 minions worth of CS. Forcing them to recall means they are missing waves and missing CS. The cannon wave has the biggest gold reward. It will spawn every third wave and after the 20 min mark will spawn every other wave… The lanning phase will dictate the pace of the mid game. Especially against late scalling champions like most ADCs with 3 item spikes.

  • Support Brand in mind lane, just like they drew it up! His stuns and slows actually really helped the Ashe and Cait!


  • lol is no copy of dota the champs are tottaly deffrent we have wukong since the start of lol but dota copied and released a champ called monkey king looks like wukong exactlly
    and in every moba game there a champ that hooks and they are all fat and use a chain in dota padge in heroes of the storm stiches and iam sure in another games are all fat and use chains . bUT LOL have a blitz crank he is a robot and use his launching fist to grab ur asses and there is thresh wh use chain but he isnot fat he is a ghost like spirit . so plz lol champs are soo deffrent from any other moba games . and its enough that each champ got his own lore and story and much .dota sucks LOL ROCKS

  • You're a great player, but you're playing Brand all wrong. Whenever you hit with an ability (qwer), you apply Blaze. Whenever you hit a champ with 3 abilities in a short time, you proc the passive (3 blaze stacks), which deals additional damage (the circle of fire @ 11:00). Your abilities have additional effects if Blaze is applied: Q stuns the target, W deals additional damage, and E spreads to nearby enemies. The most common combo is E (applies Blaze – works with any spell, not just E) + Q (stuns if Blaze is applied). Another combo great for wave clearing is W (applies Blaze) + E (spreads to nearby enemies). Try and play around with that, your Brand games will be much better. Hope this helps, would love to see more Brand plays! Great job! 🙂

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