Dota 2: Six Very Useful Console Commands

Here are the Six Very Useful DotA 2 Console Commands You Can Use.

1 .dota_minimap_hero_size 900

It will increase the minimap hero icon size
2.dota_enable_range_finder 1

You will be able to see range of your certain spells.
3.dota_force_right_click_attack 1

You can deny creeps by right-click.
4.cl_dota_alt_unit_movetodirection 1

While pressing ALT+Move Command your hero will ignore cliffs/tees and try to move to that location.
5.bind “F2” “dota_courier_deliver;dota_select_courier;dota_ability_execute 5;+dota_camera_follow;+dota_camera_follow;-dota_camera_follow”

This is the quick courier script, it take items from you’re stash, and then it deliver to you and it will use speed burst if it is available.
6. Camera control to check rune

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