Playing single player career mode on Euro Truck Simulator 2 taking a load of smoked spats in an double articulate trailer. In a Renault Semi Truck from Gothensburg, Sweden to Trelleborg, Sweden
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Free Agent 55 video gaming creator presents American Truck Simulator 1..36 and Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.36 . We go Big in Texas and waiting for the next American Truck Simulator Map for Texas and hopefully they will be going east. I am looking forward to exploring Euro Truck Simulator 2 Maps, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Italia, Going East and Scandinavia.
Welcome to the world of trucks, where we drive several different types of trucks, from Kenworth (KW), Peterbilt (Pete), Volvo, Freightliner, and International. American Truck Simulator 1.35 is only available PC on the Steam Games network developed by SCS Software. On the Europe side we will be driving Scandia, Volvo, Mercedes, Man, and Iveco.
In this edition you will see me play different types of trucking simulation game from American Truck Simulator (ATS) all the way to Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) going across different countries as well as in the United States.
From time to time you will see using different types of ATS Mods 1.35, Promods 2.42, ETS2 1.35 Mods on this truck simulation game. As the game progress, hopefully I will be in the beta testing roll for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 to give them my best insight as a truck driver.
On American Truck Simulator gameplay truck simulator gameplay, euro trucks simulator 2 gameplay, and world of trucks contracts you will see me hauling container, hay, specialized transport, heavy haul, end dump trailers, milk tanker, chemical tanker, logging heavy equipment, logs, dry van, auto, refrigerated, and flatbed throughout ATS Utah download content , ATS California, ATS Washington download content, ATS Oregon download content, ATS Arizona and ATS New Mexico download content.
On Europe Truck Simulator 2 we will be traveling through Norway, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Lativa, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Austria, Finland, Luxembourg, and Estonia. Europe Truck Simulator 2 1.36 has download content available and other packages to explore better opportunities growing your trucking business through Going East, Italia, and Beyond the Baltic Sea.
Flashback Fridays, only I can get a good old school ats mod or ets2 mod to produce to my subscribers.. Como descargar american truck simulator and you will also see american truck simulator descargar lspdfr one day as I hope instead of giving out tickets, I would have police chasing the big rig on the city roads, back roads, highways, and interstate.
As I progress from using the keyboard, to steam controllers, to wheel and a shifter. Keep watching the videos as I progress the channel to bigger and better things.
This truck driver (owner operator) is more than just a trucker and it’s not all about trucking. It’s all about the grind to achieve greatness
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