Excel file corruption bug when editing in Excel online in OneDrive

This is a quick demo of a bug in Microsoft OneDrive for Windows 8.1, where when an Excel file is edited in the online version of Excel, the locally stored Excel file becomes corrupt once it is synced with the online version.

I’m using Office 2013 with my personal OneDrive folder, not OneDrive for Business.

Thanks to Tony for telling Myce about this bug:

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6 thoughts on “Excel file corruption bug when editing in Excel online in OneDrive

  • I just spent 5 hours trying to fix a "corrupted file" or recover an old version where it still worked. After so many articles, videos, and calling Microsoft support, this was the one that fixed my problem since I store my Excel sheets on my OneDrive. I went OneDrive Online, logged in, and was able to right click on the file to look at "older versions" and boom….there were versions from just about every time the file was saved. Lost a few changes but nothing compared to losing the whole file. THANK YOU!!!

  • sir i am facing a problem in excel, please help me.
    The problem is that ( Excel cannot open the file ' Veneer+ Laquer Glass + SS + Gloss .xlsx because file format or file extension is not valid. verify the file the file has not been corrupted and that file extension matches the format of the file
    my contact no. is +917529976168

  • i try same like u. but there said
    "Sorry, we can not open your workbook. workbook may be corrupted or use a file format that can not be supported"
    can u help ? pls

  • This bug is now reported fixed by Microsoft:

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