Fix for OneDrive Sync Issues

Most of us have run into OneDrive for Business synchronization problems from time to time. I explain some of the common solutions to fix these annoying issues and walk you through how to resync folders if none of those solutions work. I also list the OneDrive for Business file size limits, total storage limits, invalid file name characters and folder names. If you cannot resolve your OneDrive sync problems feel free to post a comment and I will try to answer your questions.


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47 thoughts on “Fix for OneDrive Sync Issues

  • Ok am I the only one that nothing he does matches my computer one tiny bit? Is it because this is only a business account? Under my user I have no one drive folder like that, I have no option to STOP sync just pause, I have no windows office repair thing. I have two programs that won't sync like my geForce and my

  • I cannot seem to share a One Drive file and am getting an error message, do you have a video on how to fix this issue? All my files are synced with no errors. I am also on a Mac.

  • I need to upload my PST but i cant, It has 18 GB and I have a E3 Subscription. If possible to up the 15 GB Limit?

  • no help to me. When I click on the cloud, a dialogue box comes up nothing like the one shown here, and it also says its syncing ok, and it's up to date and it isn't. Doesn't look anything like this at all, so no idea what to click on as it is so different.

  • Some 2 years on and this guide has worked for me and I have all the latest 2020 Office 365 personal and Windows 10 Pro updates installed.

    Had 3 sync issues coming up on a right click to the OneDrive icon, checked for folders with the blue sync sign on but when I checked in the folder all the files had a green tick on them. Did as advised in the video and whent into OneDrive settings and unsynced the sub folder with all the blue sync signs pressed OK, then went back into the settings and ticked the sub folder again to start syn and all my errors have gone.

    Nice to see Microsoft are constantly improving their software ;o).

  • Does onedrive being paused effect whether or not someone will be able to decrypt an encrypted message that i sent them

  • I got a new computer and signed into onedrive but some files are not syncing. When I originally set up my old computer I made a folder on the PC and dragged it to onedrive to back it up. How can I get back to that point

  • Mr. Sele,
    Is it possible to sync changes from a file in a folder within your OneDrive to another folder that has the exact same file? For example, I have 2 folders in the OneDrvive older, and I have a file called 'A' in the folder called 'A1' and have the exact same file, 'A' but in folder 'B1'. If I changed file A in folder A1, will it update file A in the folder B1 besides updating it in the folder A1? And if it doesn't, is there anything I can do?

  • can you please help me why we get this message on one drive " the person sharing it has exceed its limit " .????

  • This is excellent content regarding diagnostic considerations for OneDrive. Very thorough and user-friendly. Much appreciative of the detail and examples provided to achieve resolution of OneDrive sync issues.

  • Thanks for your video, I have a different issue. My one drive sync keeps on creating new folders and gives error that it was not able to merge the changes and has created a duplicate folder. How to stop that.

  • How do you upload from an external hard drive (pictures) and save it to OneDrive? However, I do not want to sync these pictures to my computer which only has 128GB? I have 200GB of pictures on my external hard drive. I will appreciate the detailed steps. Thanks?

  • thanks! It was very useful for me your recomendations .I could solve my troubleshooting sync problems

  • Hi Thank you for your video. I have a question, how do you set up your one drive to sink what you need. Please help

  • To: All,

    How can I restore accidentally update shared file in one drive?.. Please help 😭 .. it was updated to older file😭.. Im dead😱

  • I had my documents inside a file all synced, it is also viewed as succesfully synced in onedrive online apps, but the status of the folder is double arrow sync pending. Anyone can help?

  • Thanks you your video Was really helpful I actually had a problem with transfer the files from my phone internal storage the sd momery card and the problem was from the file name it didn't let me transfer the file but after I watch your video I rename the file and that is solve the issue. Thanks a lot

  • The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to disable One Drive in the Task Manager! No more sync issues.

  • onedrive is shit. good for small amounts of files, home use perhaps. In business environment its a recipe for disaster and MS has not much to offer in terms of help either.
    onedrive often starts and stops on its own accord, continuously syncing, hard to stop that thing manually, replication to and from teams/SharePoint is questionable with large amount of files and hit on bandwidth is just ridiculous.
    Sorry but it is still worse from on-premises solutions.

  • An update occurred last night and now my word and excel docs dosnt offer to save to one drive automatically. Can anyone solve this please?

  • How do we get ALL PC files to automatically sync to the OneDrive without actually opening files THROUGH the OneDrive?

  • I am not able to sync my OneNote file to OneDrive. Whenever I try to sync, a shortcut is getting created on onedrive.

  • wanting to have 1 drive show all files and folders but NOT sync 90% of them. Basically want it to work EXACTLY as OneDrive ap on iPhone… it shows all files and folders and can download / upload manually as needed. My Surface pro has limited hard drive and will completely fill the drive and crash
    Microsoft tech in store and online tech support don't get it! They setup it up in the store – takes 3 DAYS "processing changes" then starts to download everything and fill drive. I feel like I know more then them – and I admit I don't know much.

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