GreedFall Vasco Romance & Companion Quests [Male]

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13 thoughts on “GreedFall Vasco Romance & Companion Quests [Male]

  • I did all the tasks with all the correct answers… But he's not saying the poem to consume the romance (after choosing: "tell him that you wish you could sail with him again ")… Any idea?

  • How long do you wait to get the opition to spend time with him i travel to the other side of the island and gone back home and nothing have i missed something here

  • In the mission of the Vasco, to investigate the area of ​​the warehouses, having selected the mission does not leave me the kinematics. The case is what does not allow you to remove the team from Vasco until he does the mission, but I'm going to that point and I don't miss anything, any help ??

  • Thanks for posting this. I got to end of the game before realising that I'd picked a single wrong response and ruined my entire thing with Vasco. Very annoying.

  • Thank you so much for this! Sad to know I blew it at the first dialogue option — I guess too much Dragon Age Inquisition, right? O_o

    Update: Once again, thank you so much for this step-by-step guide. I followed it to the letter and was rewarded with the "Love and the sea" achievement. 🙂

  • Picked all the same options but one, though I did pick the same response to Vasco setting sail and he said he'd not want to leave without my De Sardet… but I'm not getting the romance scene to trigger and now worrying I've messed it up. :/ I've done all main and side quests but I did only just do the Scholar mission to pick up Aphra so I don't know if it's that or if it's the one different response that has messed it up.

  • The "let's bang" scene… well "scene" is a bit much… the "let's bang" moment is copy pasted from Technomancer with Andrew. Kinda funny.
    Still, great game.

  • Hm. I didn't know about that weird 'always choose the +friendliness answer' thing.. I thought as long as his answer was positive, I did well. Finished the game just now and kept wondering until the very end just when my dude Vasco would confess his undying love for me…. well, f*ck. Gonna replay that whole thing tomorrow I guess. 😀

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