GTA Taxi | Fare 48/45 | Are you enjoying this retarded shit!?

I live stream video games! #ArticJen
This is a satire comedy channel intended for a mature audience. #GTA #San Andreas
Day 57 l What happened in GTA: San Andreas Today?
Day 52 | I’m in Love with Helga & I play other games too
Day 49 | I played GTA: San Andreas for 6 Hours!!
I Live stream on #Twitch
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My Full Live Stream Playlist
[15 minute Clips of #GTA San Andreas for your viewing pleasure]
For more Playlists check out my YouTube channel here!
I write a blog during my stream to help me interact with y’all & keep y’all updated of what we’re doing & what happened in my stream!
Don’t want to watch my stream but want to follow along?
Check out Mah #Blog Playlist where I read back what we wrote in the blog!
I’m a trophy hunter, check out my PSN Profiles
———- This channel is intended for adults only, using adult humour while performing adult references & adult behaviours contained in a video game.
THEHILLSHAVETAXIS Playlist description link.
Subtitles available on request.
I’m Irish, I speak very fast while muttering incoherent jibberish to the untrained ear.
This will be highly time consuming & take alot of time to complete.
Did you know you can use google translate on my blog?


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