Has Telltale Games Been Saved? – Collider Games Podcast w/ guest Mari Takahashi

The Collider Games Podcast this week with Dennis, Dorian and special guest Mari Takahashi (Smosh Games) discuss the possible revival of Telltale Games, Cyberpunk 2077 deep dive gameplay footage, new Resident Evil project, Control impressions, Captain American gameplay footage from Avengers game, John Carmack on Joe Rogan, Ninja Adidas sponsorship and more.
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12 thoughts on “Has Telltale Games Been Saved? – Collider Games Podcast w/ guest Mari Takahashi

  • Very nice to see Dorian again I can’t wait to see another one with caboose Dennis and Dorian(I could have missed one) I have got to the telltale part but I really hope they come back

  • And talking about funny captain America sketches, there is a really funny sketch by The Warp Zone called Captain America's life after endgame. It is about his life with Peggy after he returns and he knows all the major world/marvel events that are going to happen but can't say anything because it would effect the timeline.

  • When it comes to CD Projekt Red changing the character customization at the beginning of the game, I personally am a little upset about it because I am worried that it will effect the gameplay/story. I am worried that it will affect the dialogue of V and the other characters, how you are perceived gender wise by other characters, and things like that. And that you might end up with a Skyrim or Fallout sort of diaogue and character interaction where your never mentioned by the name you have given yourself, but in this case gender. I just hope that along with this new body type character customization that they give you the option on what pronoun/gender type to be referred to as. But even with that, it would most likely still be male or female at this point because if they put in a non gender specific option type, that would mean either having to do all the dialogue again for that option or at the very least going in and modifying the existing recorded dialogue and removing gender references for this option.

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