HOW TO fix ● Error 500 InternalServerError ● Streaming/Elgato on YouTube & Twitch

19 thoughts on “HOW TO fix ● Error 500 InternalServerError ● Streaming/Elgato on YouTube & Twitch

  • This is meant to fix this issue when it comes to streaming with Elgato on YouTube/Twitch. Facebook/other sites is a separate issue, this is mainly focused on YT & Twitch with the Elgato HD60 & HD60S. Read the video title, thanks.

  • For me all I had to do was just uninstall a lot of stuff. I did that, reset my stream key, and turned down my settings. My computer is wonky though, so I'm not sure which one actually got it to work, but uninstalling stuff seemed like that worked best

  • I can't use Ethernet. My router is too far away and I can't use Powerline Ethernet either. So, I guess I will never be able to stream then, apparently. My downs and ups are great too. I feel letdown.

  • Can anyone help me with the error code 404 on elgato trying to stream on twitch. I can’t start my streams anymore and it says check my internet but my internet is fine

  • Good night Bro… Sorry for boder you! But my hd60s say the server cant be find error 404. U can help me?

  • can anyone help me with error 403 could not log into server (ik this is a different video but I cant find anything abt it)

  • I had this problem for facebook streaming and i fixed it by clearing my browsing history in internet explorer and microsoft edge even though i only use chrome. it fixed it then but now im having the problem again and its not fixing it.

  • Hey so I have had this problem and I’m wired but my internet speeds are perfect and I’ve had multiple people from internet company check everything and can’t figure out the issue. Does anyone else have another idea to fix?

  • i recently bought an ElGato Hd60 pro and couldn't even get it to reserve my Xbox One signal… Than i got it online, wile tryn to test out my Mic going online and having a Friend watch the Stream it was cutn out every 2 secs for 1 sec.
    i was on WiFi, so naturally i changed to Wire. As soon as i did that amd try to stream again i got a 500Error Message on my Monitor 🤦🏽‍♂️ im like Wtf really? Wifi was slow, ethernet is faster but now i have this Error!
    Any one got any ideas?

  • Thank you so much for your help I went wired and it seems to of worked! Twitch support was useless for me as well. Nobody believes in communication over there. Thx again, subbed 😉

  • So I’m confused here.. Are you saying the computer should be wired or the console?? My console is wired but the computer I’m using to watch my stream is on WiFi..

  • Finding the solution to this problem has been an absolute nightmare. Once again you’ve saved the day! Thank you for your videos!

  • Can't believe people like that, leaving dislikes & putting hate in the comment section on your videos for no reason. These kids today have no life at all. This was a good video too I mean I never had this issue, but I was wondering why you weren't streaming back then for over a month.

  • Another thing I want to mention that you should try, is turn down the quality on the capture card, before you start streaming. I can't stress that enough. Also its worth mentioning that Twitch support is an even bigger joke than Elgato support. I didn't get an email back until nearly 7 months after I solved this issue.

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