How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error: YouTube Video Not Loading in Funnel System

How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error: YouTube Video Not Loading in Funnel System
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02:30 What is a 500 internal server error
03:20 3 ways to fix a 500 internal server error
06:54 What if my video is ranking?

So I was in the process of building a marketing funnel the other day and wanted to incorporate a video on the thank you page of my offer.

Then I ran into an error I had never seen before…

500 Internal server error…video can not be loaded.

For some reason, the sales funnel system I was using, in this case Funnelizer, was not communicating with YouTube where the video was hosted.

I searched on Google to find an answer and could not find any answer that specifically talked about the error occurring within a sales funnel system such as ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Funnelizer, etc.

So in this video I will share with you 3 tips I tried that can work for you to help you fix this problem.

In general a 500 internal server error means that there is a miscommunication between the host server and your server. It could be on their end or on your end.

The code 500 is a broad error code which can mean alot of different things, making it not the most specific message to determine the problem.

The first fix is to basically clear the cache on your internet browser. If you are using Google Chrome then I go over how to do that on the video. Once you clear the cache, you restart your browser and your problem may be fixed.

For me…it did not.

So for fix 2, you can try a different browser all together. I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox and got no results.

Finally for fix 3, the solution that worked!

I basically deleted the video I uploaded to YouTube and re uploaded the video. When I tried the link out for the new upload it worked!
Now why did that happen I don’t know. Could have been a glitch.

But I promise you I couldn’t find that answer anywhere on the internet and it took me hours to trial and error my way to that solution…so you are welcome!

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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error: YouTube Video Not Loading in Funnel System

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