How To Fix The Directory Name Is Invalid Error – Solve The Directory Name Is Invalid [100% WORKING]

In this video we will see how to fix the directory name is invalid error on your computer. Warning You Will lose all your data(documents/files) on that particular not working drive. We are going to use disk manager to fix this issue, In this video I am Using Windows 10 but you can also fix this type of issue in Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,Windows 10,Windows Server including all 32bit and 64bit Version using disk manager on your desktop/pc/tablet/computer. You can fix corrupted usb drive or usb stick,sd card/pen drive, dvd/cd drive/ rom, local drive and external hard drive using disk management option. You will get error like location is not available /is not accessible. In This video we are fixing physical storage device or memory which is directly connected to a pc which might have problem not network drive if you experiencing problem with network drive check cables it might be connection issue. You can also fix this issue using cmd commands or daemon tools in linux if your device is corrupted. Sometimes files directory gets error so you can not open or delete particular folder or file try restarting/rebooting your computer. Sometimes it may be file compatibility issue like you installing 64 bit software on 32bit system. If you moved your installation folder of software you might get this error for example people keep their games like gta,forza horizon on separate drive or external hard drive this can create error so make sure you have correct path for your software or try installing it again. This error problem occurs with zip files and office files a lot (document,word,excel) because some time with to many folder and long file name it can create very long directory with lot of characters which can cause error and you can not delete or open it, So try remaining files or changing name to shorter will fix the problem. If you hooked network printer and getting this error check cable between printer and pc then restart your printer and pc. If you are using playlist on vlc and moved media file then you will get this error in vlc so check your media files it might be moved or deleted/removed.

Follow these simple steps to fix the directory name is invalid error on your PC
1) Click on computer
2) Click on manage
3) Click on disk management
4) Right click on unallocated
5) Select new simple volume
6) Click next five times
7) Click finish
You will see new volume detected notification on your pc
Done! You just fixed the directory name is invalid error on your pc

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