How to Fix the Internal Server Error(500) in WordPress|| Bangla Tutorial

Are you running into an internal server error when trying to visit your WordPress site? The internal server error is one of the more common errors but it does not have any other information that there is an error. We’ve helped hundreds of people resolve the internal server error on their site and will show you how in this video.

There are a few possible causes and we will go over each but if none of our recommendations are successful you would want to reach out to your hosting provider to see if the error is on the hosting’s end.

First, the simplest method to try and resolve the issue would be to resave your permalinks. This will attempt to generate a new htaccess file for your site to use that should resolve post based 404s. Should that not work we will walk you through the manual method to remove the .htaccess.

If the problem is not from your htaccess you we will try increasing the PHP memory limit. This will include generating a new file, adding some code to it, and uploading it to your hosting area.

The final method you can attempt for the solution would be to reupload WordPress’ core files with FTP. We only recommend the wp-admin and wp-includes folders so you do not overwrite the content of your site.

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