How to remove http error 500

How to remove HTTP error 500, guys in this video I am going to show u how to resolve or remove HTTP 500 internal server error, sometimes when we open our website and get an error message on our screen, so here is the solution.
This is step by step process go and enjoy the video. and resolve your HTTP error 500 issue.
I am going to explain it here also.
(1). go to your c panel and search file manager and open it.
(2). go to public_html.
(3). go to error_log and right click on them and select view option.
(4). then scroll down the last and there is your error report. why the error 500 comes on your site. if you are using WordPress. the maximum time the cause is your WordPress plugin.
(5). now come back to HTML folder and select wp-content and open it.
(6). now select plugin option and open it here you found your all plugins that you have installed on your WordPress website.
(7). now select that plugin which shows error in the error_log file. and delete it and press ok.
(8).now come back to your WordPress site and open it now it will work.
your HTTP error 500 is now resolved. if you have any query then comment on the video and plz like share and subscribe our channel.. thanks, guys..


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