How to Reset Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC to Its Default Settings Easily (2020) !!

Let Us See How to reset Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC to its default settings in easy methods.

Sometimes we make our photoshop window shit. So, we need to reset Photoshop settings to default. We can solve it by reset photoshop to its default settings. Reset Photoshop by opening and pressing Alt + Ctrl + Shift. Pop up windows will open and press clear. Easily reset Photoshop cs6 / cc to its default settings.

Why we need to reset photoshop settings to default ?

Because sometime photoshop users make the photoshop dashboard a shit. Then we cann’t find our needed tools easily whenever we need it. So, we need to change or reset photoshop settings to default.

Will we lost our work when we reset photoshop to default settings ?

No, you wouldn’t because by doing this you will only reset the preference and reset photoshop tools. Not your main file. You willn’t lose anythings. So, if you need to reset photoshop to default settings, you can do it without any tensions and with comfort.

How to reset photoshop cs6 to default settings ?
Follow this video.

How to reset photoshop cc to default settings ?
Same to photoshop cs6.Follow this video. This video is made for all photoshop versions.

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