Let's Play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Ep 10

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  • I was thinking of this article lol: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/why-was-benjamin-franklins-basement-filled-with-skeletons-524521/

  • Towards the end, you would've been seeing Farkas' health bar as he was missing health, which would make it appear like he was an enemy since you usually see enemy health bars when engaging in combat.
    Also I think the brawl with Adrianne is a radiant (randomly generated) quest.

  • Now, Bethesda can't be bothered to fix the glitches/bugs encounter by The Bros in the the first 13 minutes of this Let's Play, but they swiftly fix things like the iron-dagger-Smithing-exploit after their found.

    If you don't know, in 1.0.0 Skyrim there was no reason to smelt anything other than iron daggers to level your Smithing skill because they are the most inexpensive items to make and iirc you only needed like 8-13 daggers even when Smithing was nearing lvl100. Insanely low cost per dagger for lucrative smithing exp gain. Now you need like 50 daggers to level up your Smithing skill or however many it is.

    Somehow they neglected to (effectively?) test Smithing-exp-per-iron-dagger. And they fix it once ppl start talking about it on the internet, but they don't fix the gajillions of game-breaking glitches.

    Good stuff.

  • Sigurd: FUS-RO-DAHs people all around
    the Draugr: sleeping peacefully a dozen Macs deeper in the tomb
    Sigurd: strolls lightly alongside, making muffled metal clinging sounds

  • Also the Violens mod (among others) lets you disable enemies' ability to get a killcam on you.
    I know you guys aren't doing mods but "Kontrol" let's you add 6 more hotkeys to the favorites
    Edit 2: Hawk feathers' first effect is cure disease. They weigh a fifth as much as the potions of cure disease, making them more practical to have. The silver hand have them because they are afraid of werewolfs and believe that they are capable of catching lycanthropy
    Edit 3: Dustman's Cairn is really hard for no reason. Maybe the designers thought that having Farkas would make it easy but sometimes he's not there or fights too defensively for no reason

  • 1:38 I love how he's just sitting there on the bench staring at you while two people are beating the bloody shit out of each other 3 feet in front of his face XD

  • If you haven't you should blow out the dust and maybe replace the thermal pastes on your pc. It's probably thermal throttling and cleaning it up will probably improve performance by a lot

  • BTW, it's good to keep hawk feathers in your inventory because eating them cures disease without needing a potion or praying at one of the divines' altars.

  • Is the console version this busted? I didn't get any of these bugs on pc. Come to think of it, I do use the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, so that might be why.

  • If you want a better weapon, a really good early-on weapon is the Mace of Molag Bal, obtained via the House of Horrors quest in Markarth. You can also continue the Companions Quest for Wuuthrad (the two-handed axe) and lycanthropy

    Also, at 35:38 there's a final chest (the good type) but never open it 🙁

  • With 'Kren sosaal' and 'Daanik Kendrov' i may guess nord' anicent language was russian 😀
    On the '>25% death' i think it's because of a massive two-handed.

  • Emmit: "I though all of this stuff was supposed to be fixed…."
    It's like I have always thought: "Special Edition is nothing more than a shiny turd — it's the same ol' game in a different wrapper."

  • 21:55 I was playing Skyrim while watching their letsplay and the moment they used the shout I was shouted away by a draugr in-game, perfectly timed as well. What are the odds!

  • I was going to say, "could you imagine the outrage if the male dunmer beat the female nord in the scripted fight", but then your first quest was to beat the hell out of a woman who isn't even a fighter, soo…

  • If u are using the special edition, i recommend using the original skyrim with a patch installed, so u dont get that painful glitchy start. The original skyrim version is less laggy

  • You guys should consider doing the Civil War questline, plenty a big fights with a bunch of guys to kill. Perfect for Sigurd's violent nature.

  • As soon as Lydia got into a fight with the Companions I had flashbacks of the Mage Apprentice, Dark Brotherhood Murderer, and Lady Knight killing the Hand-to-Hand trainer in Bruma all because they also confused the sparing to actual fighting. Then the Dark Brotherhood Murderer and Mage Apprentice fighting each other after killing the poor guy. Good times.

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