LoL vs Dota 2 : Pros and Cons(Why I like these games)

In this video I go over pros and cons, LoL(League of Legends) vs Dota 2.
I tell you what I like about each game and what I dislike.

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38 thoughts on “LoL vs Dota 2 : Pros and Cons(Why I like these games)

  • you're literally dont understand why hero/champion panel changes while it comes to dota2 when you clicking to the other units,its because its for courier for enable to control and some of the heroes in dota are using their spells to neutral camp to able to control them and there's an item called helm of dominator its also to control creeps . i hate also what you said in item shop , obviously you are a fan of LOL for a long time thats why you dont know what you going to build and the items is for? DOTA teaching you to try every items in shop and what items can be counter to enemy heroes to makes you easily to deal with them.. In map pattern, fogs and highgrounds dude just learn it thats the problem in LOL player there map is so plain terrain with a bunch of grass?
    when it comes to complexity , team work and graphics dota is more ahead than LOL period.

  • And I'd like to note that you're mostly talking about features… Dunno what I'm supposed to understand at that rate.

  • You see, I've been playing both for 5 years, lesser for Dota 2 but I've played Frozen throne when i was young, it is complex but there is less competition/action compared to lol, and i could say both are good bcs they each have their own styles. They're both esports and you know what, no one argues over that basketball is better than football when people has different physique. It just depends on the person and i could say you haven't played lol much nor tried to get better.

  • until now, i still don't understand why league player say lol is better/harder than dota. you should play dota n then u know why dota is better than lol

  • You have any problems with controls go to the settings🙈🙈…hard to play?…. practice more…dota is balanced👌just don't play if you're noob..😼✋

  • Dota2 has also recomendent tab on store, also even you select other hero/creeps/other when you right click on the ground it automatic back to your hero controt, you can set it on the setting.. and dota that started the moba..

  • im trying to be fair
    1. everyone is op. no, there is a time for everyone, for example night stalker 1st skill nerf damage to half during day, sent him straight to garbage. i think its because you dont know the game much as i do. i feel the same on league when i feel everyone can one shot me
    2. dota ui is better than lol, the information and demo are better, lol give the stat but dont tell how much it deal to enemy and yeah, separating ui game and mainpage is bad. but in game i prefer lol, its simple, but the downside is, you gain less info on other unit, in dota i can see which skill my team lvlup and better macro on my summon, but on league its simple ex annie bear
    3. voice chat, gdi why can i only have a vc for party member? and it cant be on/off with 1 key
    4. gameplay wise i more bias to dota, im more used to it. lol is fast paced but its less about manuver because the map is smaller and less pathing. and no smoke or tp, make it less mobile
    5. dota have techies

  • Guys, keep on arguing and it wont lead you into any conclusions because neither of them is worse or better.

  • Well in warcraft the panel changing if you click one of the minions and the enemy's same as dota 2 though.

  • The reason why dota has a single panel display is because there are some heroes that have multiple characters like meppo arc warden and lone druid. It's because clones, deployed and summons also have their own abilities with hotkeys.

  • actually a good comparsion but there is so much more… there are heroes in dota which have 13 spells (invoker), you need to micromanage some heroes (for example meepo which duplicates himself up to 5 times, so u need to take control over 5 different units + his items), where i come to my next point, in league nearly all items are passive, in dota its the other way around nearly every item does something for example flashing over the map or spawns illusions of ur hero, spell immunatiy etc etc…
    also a big difference that highground exists in dota, so you can take that to your advantage (enemies miss you from lower ground and cant see you without wards).
    Last to say laning phase is much more complicated due the ability to deny own creeps and deny experience and gold from the enemy carry

  • This is so obvious that you have only played like 3 or 5 games of dota 2.
    Its simple dota 2 is more complex and hard and much more.

  • Dota is a battlefield inside the forest thats why its difficult to move around the jungle

  • Lol there is a setting for that if you got problem on panel haha just go to advance settings.

  • Setting your select hero it will a LOT easier preventing lost your hero, best setting it in mouse button

  • Very biased video. You're clearly a LoL player. Example, the hero panel. if you actually played Dota, you would know that there's a setting to have a second panel for the particular something you clicked on.

  • I know this vid outdated but
    >Complaining about the hero panel

    ……….ever heard of disabling Quick Attack in the option menu?

  • those things that you said aren't cons for dota :|.wtf man.
    some heroes have units to control .just press f1and go back to your own hero. that's a simple task.
    and about the map .its take time to master it and really fun to play.its not like a bush .you go in bush and they can't see youXDDD? wtf?
    you can juke people in trees man.
    lol is so simple .if you don't wanna use your brain and just wanna kick a button on the keyboard go play sims or Mario or something, MOBA game isn't for you.
    dota isn't even comparable to lol. its an insult for dota community that lol players trying to compare their game to dota.its like comparing a Mustang or BMW (dota)to a bicycle(lol). bicycle is just cute

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