Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay – Let's Play Part 18

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is finally upon us, I decided to start a new gameplay series where I will take you all with me into Hoarfrost Reach as we investigate this new threat.
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This title will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC(later).
Game provided by Capcom:
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4 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay – Let's Play Part 18

  • I’m not going to lie when I first played a monster hunter game I had a massive supply of wet stones, because I thought my weapon would permanently break if you had it at red sharpness. So if I ran out, or forgot to bring some I would abandon the hunt.

  • It’s honestly really really ducking unfortunate that I prob haven’t been surprised by one monster in the game and I’ve just been spoiled for all the unannounced ones by either youtubers online who don’t warn about spoilers in their video or the game displaying an image if an unseen monster in quests display

  • Offensive guard is really really good with a heavy bowgun with a shield also @Rurikhan and it’s one of the few weapons they can start dealing damage straight away seen as the buff doesn’t last long, it’s probably then gunlance or lance at using it to be honest

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