NEW BRIGANDINE WEBSITE ANALYSIS – Brigandine The Legend of Runersia by Happinet

My analysis of the new Brigandine Website hosted by Happinet. Full title of the game is called Brigandine The Legend of Runersia. I hope you enjoy my analysis of the website. It will be available for viewing in the link below along with many more Brigandine content and resources. Cannot wait for Brigandine The Legend of Forsena to finally release!
-Enjin website:
-Discord Server:
-Legend of Runersia website:
-1st Announcement:
-Nintendo Direct:


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15 thoughts on “NEW BRIGANDINE WEBSITE ANALYSIS – Brigandine The Legend of Runersia by Happinet

  • I have a theory on the post-game event: since the events on Runersia is 566 years after the events of Forsena, maybe these "Records" are actually the aftermath of what had occured in Forsena. Maybe Dryst became a pirate after losing Iscalio since he did went on a journey with Iria and the others to "find a new land to conquer somewhere" marking the birth of the United Islands nation. For all we know, it could be that nobody managed to beat Ouroboros (the original name for the Snake of Chaos in GE. Interestingly, it's class is also Ouroboros lol), allowing it to destroy Forsena, and those who survived fled and discovered this continent, but that's a little too tinfoily lol

  • In the Grand Edition, the Samurai is actually called Swordsman. So the two dudes on the Shinobi Tribe appears to be Samurai as they both wield katanas.

    Also: Umimaru is kinda like an homage to Bilcock's Magic Knight invention lol

  • I'm a 65 yr. old female gamer..first was Starflight…what I loved about Brigandine was getting to be so many different options and not having to ruin my thumbs trying to hit buttons constantly… I found you yesterday watching your videos..loving your commentary and learning things I wasn't aware of before…thank you for stirring up memories…

  • Kazama from Xenoblade and Terada from Final Fantasy are big names, I've never played the original but i dig the art style of this sequel.

  • 29:16 it's Holy Dragon evolved into an Ancient Dragon. Maybe the equivalent of Fafnir in previous game. Don't know if they'll keep the translation with Ancient Dragon or localize it to Fafnir

  • Shinobi Clan look more like Druid's from Dungeons and Dragons. Della is kinda hot though, but I'm iffy on the "Ruled by Women" crap lmao. Maybe I'm sexist but that line alone is usually a bad sign. Kinda sucks too since Caerleon was my favorite. But I should give them a chance. EDIT: Black Flags Empire sounds very interesting. The other countries look down on them. I think I'll either try them or the Blue faction.

  • We have a Fairy acting as a Main Character? That's gonna be different. Hope she doesn't die! I wonder if forming Alliances will return.

  • (Sorry I keep posting, but I keep getting ideas with time xD) Equipping monsters! That's freakin awesome! And that blue bird could be either a HolyGriff or an Ice Elemental Phoenix. Either would be awesome!

  • I hope they bring back the Lucifer, Lilith/Satan, and Loki! ^^ You needed Quest Items for these guys but they alone could decimate enemy armies! I really want Meteor Doom to return!

  • Totally with you on the excitement man! This game has been long overdue and I'm dying to see the new story and monsters. I also wanna know if they will mention any of the Knights/Leaders from Forsena (even if it is 500 Years later)

  • I hope there is an ACTUAL Final Boss too. I only had the American Brigandine and I was so bummed when I found out we couldn't fight Bulnoil or the Snake of Chaos in that version!

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