Off Road Taxi Hill Driver with real 4×4 taxi cars by wow gamedy

Off Road Taxi Hill Driver
What’s new
-Bug fixed;
-GUI adjusted;
-Levels optimized;
-Graphics polished;
About this game
Ready, set, go taxi driver hurry up people are waiting, drive up hill and fast!
Off Road Taxi Hill Driver is one of those games that really is super fun to play for the thrill seekers. The random roads full with gravel mud, and other adrenaline hazard that you can find in this exciting action packed taxi driver off road game. Going off road means you need to find your path up the hill as a true taxi hill driver.
Battle your way up the muddiest, rockiest, steepest roads in this newest off road adventure. Off Road Taxi Hill Driver it’s all about the thrill of driving as fast as possible, It’s very possible that this hill driving game learns you how to handle taxi cars on some of the hardest terrains in the world. Can you as a taxi driver overcome all the obstacles on the road.
Drive with real 4×4 taxi cars, make sure your wheels gain the best traction and power possible, However the peculiar nature of this taxi car beast means that it’s not always possible to drive careless. So we hope you will have fun playing this newest Off Road Taxi Hill Driver game. It will never be a drag getting a couple of tonnes of car up these road and complete the duties you have as a cab driver
– Real off road driving action
– Fun and challenging levels
– Epic looking taxi offroad cars
– Easy to play for everyone


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