Open Zip & RAR Files With 7-Zip [Tutorial]

7-zip is a free open source archive file compression and extraction utility. Create Zip, 7z, Tar, and Wim files. Open the dozens of archive file formats.

7-Zip Home Page

7-Zip is a powerful open source file archiver available for free.

By default it uses its own 7z archive format, but can also create some of the other more

common formats like ZIP and TAR.

7-Zip cannot create RAR files, but it can open them and extract their contents.


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38 thoughts on “Open Zip & RAR Files With 7-Zip [Tutorial]

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  • Thank you so much for the information. After watching a few videos and gaining new information I completed what I needed to do.
    Will thumbs up & subscribe !

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  • Got a small problem. My rar files doesn't have a symbol anymore.
    First started 7-zip, after some time installed winrar, which replaced the symbols. I decided to unistall winrar, but I also reintalled the 7-zip to overwrite the files reading types.
    Currently my files are just blank pages… I suppose reinstalling 7-zip should fix, but nope… Do I need to mess on the keyregedit?
    I mean I can extract just fine, it still works, but the symbol are gone!

  • seems to have a clear assertive monotone voice, also windows 10 is out now and that right click thing isn't setup for me, that being said I use an old 7-zip that I just leave its folder on my desktop. so its way different certain things don't work certain ways but there usually is a work around. Point is it works and I liked it with the right click in the older OS, but now I just don't bother with the easy to use I will stick to what I think will stay to the next OS

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  • Mate fuck computers! Hire people for particular roles end of. if they do you over hire people to find them chop their toes off happy days.

  • this feels like a virus sometimes when it askes me to restart my computer u can tell something might go wrong

  • i got question if your download sent your item into 7zip how you get it out so it is usable. I tried dragging it out didnt work

  • not sur eif you cAn help me but hope you can. so i was playing wartune on facebook and used a wartool engine to do auto astrals but then the astrals went to the archives file on winrar is it possible to get those astrals back to the game?

  • I have a .rar file that I need to convert to something that You Tube will accept. I downloaded 7z but I cant figure it out. How do I decompress it to another type?

  • VERY COMPLICATED! forget it…………………….. it looks simple but even you follow exactly with the instruction on Youtube, it does not work. I DON'T RECOMMEND AT ALL. IT WASTED MY TIME.

  • This is a very high quality Tutorial !  I'm really impressed. The clarity of illustration are awesome. The video tool that you use to manipulate the screen to make your point is very effective. And the voice-over commentary is right on the dot. Bravo! Thank you very much for making such a big and free service. PS: May I know what video tool do you use to make your presentation??Hany

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