The closest raid defence I’ve ever had. Sorry for the 720p quality at the raid defence I had to take it from my stream which is now in 1080p! PATREON: TWITTER: DISCORD: I edit all my videos/thumbnails and will never have someone else do this for me. MUSIC: (In Order) […]

Hello, PGN Nation here with another new video. Hope you liked it so it will encourage me to do more of these videos everyday 🙂 For free PayPal 💰money/Discord nitro🤑 ❤️JOIN❤️ : ========================================================================== ~Main~ Game : [get it here] *There aint anything to download, if you overcome such and issue […]

🔴Hello anh em, mình là Boon-Player CSGO- em trai Hoangbacdo a.k.a MLCS -Mình chỉ stream vui vẻ và vì đam mê nên sẽ nói ko với trend and fame -Anh em yêu quý thì ủng hộ mình nha !! ♥‿♥ 💕💕💕TOP DONATORS💕💕💕 ●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● ✪Richard Nguyen :$5130▪00 ✪Mohamel : $4324▪50 ✪David […]