Remnant: From the Ashes – NEW PATCH/UPDATE!! Big Weapon/Armor Buffs, New Items and Adventure Mode

A new update/patch will be live today for Remnant from the Ashes including co-op scaling, voip, nerfs, buffs and adjustments.
Ring of the Admiral (NEW): 300% bonus incoming damage, +15% Ranged & Melee damage
DEVELOPER COMMENT: Added a new ring for those that like to make things more challenging. While this is a best-in-slot ring for damage, it’s also a worst-in-slot (by a longshot) for defense. It’s a great choice for making Normal and Hard “faster” experiences because you chew through enemies, but it’s also solid in Nightmare because most things already one-shot you! Give it a try!
The Ring of the Admiral can be purchased at Reggie for 2 (TWO!) scrap at the start of the game.
Patch notes:
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17 thoughts on “Remnant: From the Ashes – NEW PATCH/UPDATE!! Big Weapon/Armor Buffs, New Items and Adventure Mode

  • The update is LIVE!
    Current Bugs:
    "We're aware of an issue causing Soul Anchor to disappear from the inventory after being collected. The team is looking into it and we'll keep you updated!"

  • Thanks for the video. We are all here for the convenience of you reading the updates. However long they are it is appreciated. Please don't take this the wrong way but I noticed sometimes you seemed like it was exhausting to read. There is no need to apologize how many updates there are, as long as you read it clearly and accurately we all appreciate it, that is why we are here. The longer the list, the more something like your video here is needed. Thanks again.

  • Thank you for reading through the patch notes! I would love to see more videos like this, and maybe some more commentary on your reactions to certain changes. I really enjoyed the first half of the video, but you lost steam in the armor section.

    Keep it up, i look forward to hearing you cover the next remnant patch notes. Subbed.

  • I love that Void armor got a buff but also hate that more people are gonna use it now lol. I liked being the only one around using it. Everyone else saying it’s too heavy now they gonna jump on the bandwagon. FYI maxed void armor (+20) went from 510 (with maxed bark skin trait) to 677! And with the twisted idol amulet it goes to 758!! #Beefy

  • I think 1p Bandit 2p Osseus will be the new meta for boss fights. Beam Rifle/Typewriter primary with SMG's secondary. The ammo refund isn't the best but the pick-up buff might get the ammo economy where it needs to be. Increased RoF and damage stacks will be nice. My only question is if the Bloodlust damage stacks reset if you hit a different enemy. If not, then DoT clouds and the Spitfire mod will be even better now.

  • Adding minimum crit ranges on sniper-style weapons is a stealth buff for shotgun style weapons and SMGs which don't have that limitation. Hunting Pistol was my sidearm of choice in almost every situation so I'm glad they changed it that way. Sniper rifle hopefully feels better now on the overworld. Super hyped for Sporebloom 2.0.

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