SCP: Escaping the Facility #3: Gender Switcher and Contagious Crystal | Roblox Animation

Also today, weird stuff happening. But they won’t give up! They must escape this Facility and live normal at ALL COSTS! Today Doge and his friends encounter themselves in a certain “problem”… will that stop them? Or will they continue further on?? Find out today!
Part 2:
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6 thoughts on “SCP: Escaping the Facility #3: Gender Switcher and Contagious Crystal | Roblox Animation

  • Do this! SCP: Escaping the Facility SCP-610 The Flesh That Hates and SCP-500 Pacena.
    They encounter a new person (some one of you’re choice or possibly me My user name: FlowFlippingCup) Where they find SCP-500 And grab the whole pill canteen however they encounter SCP-610’s chamber, And they find that person when they find that person and the person that they found ask’s for SCP-500 Then they say no. Whoever The person that they find gives them the SCP-610’s Document then they read the document and gave the person an SCP-500 then the person joined their party (Their role: Reasearcher) His item’s: A map, Night Vision Goggles, 4 Hand guns, And a level 3 Card with a map of heavy containment zone when he came in heavy containment zone, They are lucky that they have found a armory on the map when they traveled to the Armory they encounter Someone. The unknowed person says: Hey! Stop! Hold your fire! I’m not a enemy. I’m a medical deptartment. I know medical treatment, So if you let me follow you i can help anyone that is harmed. Doge says: Yo i need some medical treatment! The Docter uses a robot arm to replace the missing arm. The doctor says: You can control it can be used for combat though, Careful though it can turn off. [END OF EPISODE]

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