Serato Studio First Look – Beatmaking for DJs!

Serato just announced its biggest new piece of software in many years: Serato Studio. It’s a streamlined standalone music production app for Mac and PC, aimed at DJs who want to make beats quickly. It combines a Serato DJ-style interface with easy-to-use production tools. You make a beat by adding drums, sounds and loops from Serato Studio’s library, which you can then arrange into a full-on tune.

We take a look at the software in this First Look video and show you how a beat is made using the tools found in Serato Studio.

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34 thoughts on “Serato Studio First Look – Beatmaking for DJs!

  • So I just started making beats and it's so hard looking at tearable tutorials and you just helped me so much bro thank you!! 😀

  • Ugh… this is so cheesy. We already HAVE a lot of top notch production software…. stuff that works midi, wavs and hosts third-party VSTs for instruments, synths, effects and mastering … and these can map our controllers just fine. So, the REAL question is …

    … what does Seratos offering do that the rest don't … and the answer is, nothing! Nothing at all! It just costs more and delivers less.

    Gee, ummm… thanks Serato. : /

  • Can you play the exports on pioneer, and does it compress the output for play out without wrecking the sound system

  • They should have hired a UX expert. A GUI designer as well. First class sample player let down by a terrible interface.

  • Doesnt look good imo. The Change in key does also not actually change from minor to major, but rather scales the midinotes, wich every fucking program can do. It is just irritating you can choose "D# major" while what is beeing played is neither D# nor major.. Also why you can not tune the drums? Hell especially in house music it is fucking important that the kick is tuned to the proper fq

  • SERIOAULY AWESOME TUTORIAL!!! Thank you for the easy step by step process and tips 🙂 I created my first song today with your help!

  • I'm kind of salty they didn't just add some of these features to Serato DJ so people can just make quick edits without switching programs

  • First of all thank you very much for this wonderful presentation of this beta software, I did not know your channel before but now I subscribed 😉
    I think this could be the connection between complex softwares like Ableton or FlStudio and those funny apps to make some beats and tracks from the phone, and looking at the layout of the software I was hoping I could use my DJ controller on that and… YEEES it is just like that!
    But my question is: do you believe Serato Studio could become a proper track making software?

    Well, this will be a lot of fun for sure! Can't wait to try it.

    Thanks again for the very beautiful presentation you made.
    Cheers 😎

  • I'm a total noob Haha really I am and the breakdown of how u made the video was slow enough for me to pick up n learn your tips ty. I subscribed and look foward to the tuts you put out as opposed to the serato crossfader tuts they go way to fast for beginners. Again ty

  • Great demo and could see myself using this alot. The only thing putting me off is it's subscription payments and i think this will turn alot of people away. IMO

  • A shame that we cannot have a VST sampler that detects the pitch of one-shot samples (just drop and play). Yet, it looks like this DAW might be able to do it.
    I hope they update their sampler VST be able to automatically pitch detect one-shot samples and allow playing across the keyboard.

  • Ive been waiting for something that can easily make sense of beat making for those of us with limited time to learn super complex software programs. I think Serato did it – cant wait to get my hands on this and for some amazing Digital DJ Tips training classes (do I get anything for a shameless plug for you already 😉 More to come for all us – yay!!!

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