Sex, Lies, & Video Games | Is Xbox Profitable? | PS5 To Be A "Half Step" 2XP EP.30

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3 thoughts on “Sex, Lies, & Video Games | Is Xbox Profitable? | PS5 To Be A "Half Step" 2XP EP.30

  • Great discussions you guys. concerning the next consoles, I say move at your own pace. If you're still satisfied with the ps4/Xbox originals, stick with it. All games from this generation on, will be backwards compatible, so when your ready to make a leap to the 'pro' and 'X', your games come with you. I love that. These companies aren't forcing us to make the move forward. But what is enticing are those wonderous graphics. The longer draw distances, better textures, the 4k resolution. I WANT IT! I can't wait for the XB1X. 70 game titles announced to have 4k assets and possibly more titles at launch. I'm still playing catch up with several games so I can't wait to see some of those titles the way they're ment to be played.

    Really enjoyed your bickering, your banter, your laughter. It's a great time for us gamers. I just hope trump doesn't take us into WW3 anytime soon so we could have some time to enjoy some of these titles. Anyways great show.

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