Sharing MoeGamer's Article about "Anime Sex Games"

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37 thoughts on “Sharing MoeGamer's Article about "Anime Sex Games"

  • So in other words the perfect sex game for you would have to be one with lots of explosions and puzzels…. that would be one weird sex game… but also extremely interesting..

  • Somebody probably already said it, but eroge is pronounced ero-gey. It's short for 'Erotic Game'. So think erotic game, shorten it to the first syllable and you get Eroge.

  • The best dating sim is Don't Make Love. You play either a male or female preying mantis negotiating with their romantic partner whether you're going to have sex, with an awareness of the likelihood that it will end with the female biting the head off the male.

  • Many of the visual novels with sex scenes have all-ages versions or options to disable the scenes if you're not interested in them. That alone should be proof that they're more than just "anime sex games."

  • To my limited knowledge, women are not some tiny minority of the audience for these games. Maybe those journos should do some research before they start start kicking people from their high horse.

  • Eroge: pronounced "Eh – Row – Gay"
    It's spliced together from "ERO"-tic and "GA"-mes.
    In Japanese the word "game" it comes out "geimu", hence the "GE" instead of "GA" at the end.
    I don't speak Japanese, this is just what I've picked up from anime and the web. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  • I actually wrote a comment on a different video stating that women are sexual too but most prefer their content in the form of writing since it is more engaging. I'm really glad that this article is out there and hopefully these people will realize that just because something might be targeted towards men doesn't mean that women can't enjoy it too.

  • For the love of all that's holly – it's eh-roh-geh, not e-rosh. It's from "erotic game" ("erochikku gēmu"). It's actually painful to listen to.

  • Five vowels in Japanese: a (as in "say 'ahh'"), i (as in the letter "E"), u (as in "ooo, that's a nice watch!"), e (as in the letter "A"), and o (as in the letter "O"). There are relatively few rules that change the pronunciation, so even if you cannot speak Japanese you can vastly improve your pronunciation by learning and always enunciating the vowels.

    Consonants are pretty similar to English, except for r/l, which is neither an r or an l but something in between.

    I'm not sure I can explain the rhythm/pacing very well without using the kana alphabets, but to put it simply each "mora" (unit of pronunciation, like a syllable) should take the same amount of time to say, and for the most part you can take a vowel to signify the end of a mora. The exception being double consonants (indicating a 'hesitation', except when it is 'n' which should be pronounced). Thus 'eroge' has a length of three mora. It is easier if you can read kana as those are phonetic alphabets.

  • Be interesting to see what effect Subverse has when it is released, and if it leads to more western developed sex games. The preview stuff so far looks great.

  • Adult Content is not going anywhere, crowdfunding is full of it because people want adult content. You don't get much clearer than what people put their money behind. Patreon tried to bow to payment processors but it's still flooded with adult content. We need to start being able to talk about what is obviously very important to a large amount of the country. DarkCookie is still the 3rd biggest patreon and they are making the adult visual novel/dating sim known as Summertime Saga. At some point trying to pretend sex is bad and taboo and can't be talked about is just denying our own natures and that seems rather illogical. I mean 50 Shades of Grey certainly didn't sell to women for the writing quality of the overall narrative :P.

    Edit: I should mention that I've actually read some erotica with very good stories or themes before. When dealing with a game it's usually more "lets see some action" but when dealing with visual novels or webcomics there oftne is a strong narrative element that. A god example would prolly be the furry webcomic "Better Days" by Jay Naylor. That has a little sexy time in it but mostly it's just strong narrative that shows a good understanding of interpersonal communication. The furry Webcomic "Peteristhewolf" is a bit more 50/50 and follows a young werewolf who accidentally infects his GF via…sexy time and then their resulting misadventures. It's got a strong enough narrative component that there is a SFW version, though of course the sexy version is well liked too.

  • People get into this kind of crap because you get brownie points for humiliating and scolding men whenever they get an erection.

  • Must be some kind of epidemic of those articles, I read one from Cracked where it boils down to "OmG ThOsE SeX GaMeS ArE FoR InCeLs WhO HaTe WoMeN AnD FoR RaPiSt MeN". While its true that most of those do cater male audience, most are way more compelling and complicated then that and where you have people who write whole scripts that don't just boil down to "Omg lets have sex". And where most of them do take female perspective to consideration (some of them even lets you play as a female yourself). Its baffling how people were more open in 90s to stuff like "Leisure Suit Larry
    " and Japanese games then now where people are considered more open to sexual stuff in general.

  • I want an 'Anime Sex Game' geared towards Straight Women, instead of just gay women. I'd want a game like that Daddy game, but that's geared towards gay men…

  • I'll repeat myself again, but I don't like how the same people, who ship characters, usually laught at you if you confess that you love anime character. Even if you tell them that you play eroge for the plot/character interactions, they will most likely call you an incel/pedo/degenerate or imply that you're misogynist in some way. The article is good (great even), but I don't feel like it will change anything. Having an anime "waifu"/"husbandos" is "problematic" from their point of view (mostly waifus, for some reason. Unless you're a lesbian, it's okay for them). I had really hard time explaining my friend that I like a character not only because of her boobs, but because I liked her character. I still can't tell about that to others, because I know for sure that they'll think that I am a creep and pedo. It is really exhausting, and it's easier to keep it to yourself now.

  • If you look at a lot of hentai manga, they have stories. Heck, some even have multiple installments and serializations.

  • I think the game bloggers that deride sexual games and the players of them are simply insecure about their own sexuality. They're the sort of person that consumes sexual content only in absolute secrecy and then mocks anyone who does it openly to attempt put themselves in a place of superiority.

    It's similar to the way that the most vocal people who campaign against things are often found out to be complicit in the very thing they claim to be against. Those that preach virtue are often far from virtuous themselves.

  • I watch a lot more live action western porn than I do hentai and the like…but I have a way of mentally creating continuity and characters within and between the porn scenes I watch, a kind of shared universe with each pornstar as a distinct character who remains the same person between different scenes, and I explain to myself how this person keeps getting themselves into all these different sexual situations. My porn has a canon. I'm weird. Or maybe I'm not as weird as I think.

  • As a man who very often finds emotional connections in video games, I found myself extremely connected to Geralt and Yen when they were trying to find out if they were truly in love. Being able to control that scenario myself because the in game choices i was allowed to make made that moment of the game extremely emotional. We men do not just play games for the action and big boom (still very exciting lmao). Many of us connect with characters we can humanize.

  • At 4:45, although it is a broad generalization, I do agree that women tend to be interested in sex scenes that have more of an emotional attachment. However, to use another broad generalization, men that play eroges play them to form an emotional attachment to the characters to better enjoy the scenes. While I do know a lot of people that just skip the text to see the "good parts" most players enjoy all of the character development and world building that takes place which helps to add context to and enhance the sex scenes. This also applies to ero manga. It's quite the experience to watch Okarin and Kurisu's romance blossom in steins;gate and then read a well drawn ero manga with them in it. It wouldn't be the same if it was just two random people you knew nothing about.

  • Colour me shocked if the males "journous" mentioned in the article condescend against the women who like Eroge games.

  • While prefer in my adult videos to just have the visual stimuli of getting to it, and getting over it usually (though I occasionally like the romantic-y stuff); In games and IRL, I really like the emotional connections. I don't play a ton of VN's or dating sims, I too prefer the puzzles, word/spelling games, or bangpew, but I do like the interaction & emotions between characters. This is something I don't get much or any of IRL, so getting to know characters, even just as friends ie Persona 3 & 4 social links, where they open to you more and more and talk about their likes, dislikes, and personal issues gets me emotionally invested. I actually care about these people.
    I care that he has a bad knee and that continuing his sport to keep a promise is going to hurt him permanently. It doesn't matter my gender/orientation vs theirs (usually) as I can relate to the friendship or the getting close to someone. I'm horribly expressing myself here, but this is as close to what I want to say as I'm going to get. Hopefully I wasn't too repetitive.

    Audio was good. It's just the tiniest bit too loud, but that's better IMO than a bit too quiet, since I actually hear you instead of needing to either turn down game audio (not gonna) or skip playing a game, which means I'd probably skip the video instead and/or wait until I'm eating to watch.

  • Playing those games have always been a stigma. I'm a girl, but I like to play even those with a male protagonist. I prefer yuri, but that is besides the point. Some acquaintances and family couldn't understand that I played them for the depth in character development, story, relationships and the different paths it offered. It was always a hoot to explore the different paths in those games. Even if the path in the story wasn't as interesting as the path to the Good Ending. I wanted that for actiony games with such depth as well, and thus we got Dragon Age, Mass Effect, etc.

    Now that I've been helping in the creation of a VN styled game, I know is a lot of work to path all the different choices and consequences you can possibly imagine or at least within the parameters of the main character's personality.

    The thing with the news and journalists today is that drama sells. Negativity sells. I stopped going to websites for news. I don't want to give them traffic or ad revenue. However, I'll go and visit this website with Pete Davidson. We have to celebrate the positive and just ignore the negative.

  • I'd actually say what while the genre of hentai visual novels isn't usually my cup of tea, the Nasuverse was originally made up of H-games and those games are worth it in terms of visual storytelling.

  • Eroge comes from エロチックげーむ (Erochikku geimu – erotic game), and thus the proper phonetic pronounciation would be:
    E – As in (E)nergy
    Ro – W/ a soft R as in "Fo(r)k", not a hard R as in "Row". O is pronounced in the same way as it'd be in "F(o)rk"
    Ge – As in "(G)rey" and E as in (E)nergy again.
    Technicalities, I know, but I'm seeing a lot of people suggesting e-row-gay as a pronounciation and my weeb sensibilities are acting up.

  • Why does it matter what you play?
    This stigma is stupid to be honest. Play what you want on your time.
    As long as the person isn't hurting anyone or themselves I have no problem with it. Nor should they.
    People who judge others for what they play for entertainment have no lives, they either haven't played the game, or hate a certain genre, or just love to talk about things like these fro clout and views for their article (Aside from Obvious illegal things).

    People will complain about things every time since before video games. Its only worse since the Internet is Voicing out the wrong crowd of LOUD people and other people who are bending the knee to them. Just ignore them and play what you want. Don't shame others for doing so…

    With that said. Gameplay for Visual Novel will always be the Story inties with the Art/Animation. If one falls short, the Visual Novel won't be as good. Most of these games are Visual Novels, it doesn't come with R-18 content. Once you do, it become Eroge XD

    And SOME EROGE have good story lines. Play some of them. I wanna see your reaction 😛

  • This type of articles always strike me as writers pretending to be too cool or woke for porn.

    It used to be: "I've had an entire harem of women in my life since I was 15! I don't need porn! I am Don Juan incarnate!" Now the same people are going like: "No, really, I'm ultra woke! I'm so sensitive to women's needs!"

    Really, these people are meant to be laughed at.

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