Speedrun of DOOM (2016) (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any%)

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DOOM 2016 is a fast paced and intense speedrun. For this video, I teamed up with seeker, current DOOM Any% world record holder to bring you a video breaking down the speedrun as it’s happening.
3:10 – This is why we run the game with all the settings I just went over, and try to maintain a steady 200 FPS. Railboosting at FPSs lower than 200 just won’t cut it.
3:31 – seeker makes everything in the game look so simple to do, but really, it isn’t. That being said, I implore you to learn the speedrun of this game, because it is actually really fun to learn and to practice. I myself haven’t actually completed a full run yet, but I’ve been learning it on and off for about two months now and enjoy every second of practice with this game. It’s just a game that lends itself really well to speedruns.
3:55 – He also hugs the left wall to avoid getting hit by a Possessed, which saves time since the enemy won’t have to recover from the animation before turning back towards seeker afterwards.
4:26 – seeker discharges 12 times in a row, which is to time out how far he’s running since he has no visual frame of reference while out-of-bounds in this level.
4:46 – You may also be asking how we have both jump and mod bound to the scroll wheel, and the answer to that is pretty simple. DOOM 2016 allows the player to bind actions to both ‘Scroll Wheel Up’ and ‘Scroll Wheel Down,’ so we bind jump to one and mod to the other.
5:36 – Like most PC speedruns, DOOM’s leaderboard is organized by in-game time, taking into account how long each individual’s loading screens are. Loading screens aren’t counted into your final time due to hardware differences between PCs, so it’s worth it to access another loading screen if it skips having to wait for something in real time.
15:49 – I should reiterate that when he’s damaging Possessed to setup GK clips, the body parts that seeker shoots are very intentional. The Possessed have to be in a specific animation with a specific GK performed in order to perform each individual clip.
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