Telling Lies – What have you done…? Manly Let's Play [ 2 ]

As we go through more footage in Telling Lies we find a reveal that complicates things greatly.
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40 thoughts on “Telling Lies – What have you done…? Manly Let's Play [ 2 ]

  • I have to admit I love the touch where David fires like a trained pro even for the shooter he's playing. The acting in this is surprisingly great.

  • I remember that story about rumpelstiltskin quite different lol. In all versions Ive read/watched.

    Still Rumpelstiltskin could have been named David. Someone who is egoistical, narcisstic, quite talented but is known by very many names.
    So Prince Charming turns into an imp, who wishes for his "good" deeds just the most cherished thing People have. And thus hurts those who he "helped".

  • And the fairytales continue to show up. I can't tell whether that's a trademark of the developer, or it's supposed to mean more within the context of the game. But holy fuck, Davey has screwed up so bad. He got Ava pregnant, got way too emotionally invested in his job and then his cover, and then is planning some shit after they all got arrested. My guess is that we are Karen – after all, she's linked to the bureau and is blonde like the lady at the screen. I don't know why we have it or what we're searching for exactly but I definitely feel some whistleblower vibes, especially after what's in the TXT doc, talking about the NSA and stuff.

  • Well this is a fine mess of turnips
    Things really escalated. Poor David. Unlucky turn of events at a dangerous job. I really like the attention to detail and the acting in this game. That moment when someone walks by the person investigating probably was there to show you that you have a limited time to investigate the story. The person investigating might be Karen. Someone's telling lies. And not just David. But dang he really can hold his cover, that is unless an arcade game is involved lol. He tried to screw up a lot at the start but got too into the story he was telling and went complete auto pilot and got the high score lol

  • that guy is an ass like really why didnt he use a condom….firstly why have sex with her at all his boss said there was a reason married agents do those missions but that ass got way too deep and is panicking over his own stupid mess i was getting angry just watching that.

  • i get really uncomfortable watching videos of people talking to others in what they think are private conversations, but i guess that was the intention of this game

  • Oh, David screwed up hardcore. Manly nailed it in the first episode, he's way too into his role as an FBI agent. He's letting his passion dictate his moves, and that's led to at minimum straining his marriage, another baby with a woman he doesn't actually care about and likely some work issues. I believe we're playing as Karen, the woman in the reflection looks like her and it would make sense that she could get access to these files.

  • "I'm getting f*cked right now

    Yeah buddy too much of that is literally what got you into your predicament. I love him talking to his cam girl for emotional support, complaining about getting his gf pregnant & that his wife will leave him. Lol that the cam girl told him off. This guy is too impressed with himself, it's no wonder that the outcome of this job was negatively affected by that inflated ego.

    I feel sorry for Ava who was weak to begin with & easily manipulated by men, believing her average talent would somehow save her along with the right man. His daughter, because she has a poor fairytale teller for a father even tho he should be excellent considering how much he lies. And his wife who is another weak woman, dominated by her mother who can't forget her Daniel. I wonder if Daniel died or abandoned her.

    Tragic tale, tragic people. Really excellent searching & matching the clips MBH – that makes all the difference in enjoying this!

  • i swear i have seen the lead guy before…and the french cam girl. where have i seen them before? is it just me?

  • Hi manly, can you try clicking the video on the left, to see if u can play the video from the start. (Not sure as i dont have the game)

  • Antifa ? Privilege white male ? Disgusting. I know he was acting as a double agent, but dam I hate that character he is playing as already.

  • Both times i've watched this playthrough no one ever looks into Karen. They really only ever scartch the surfaces.

  • You know what I love so much. I played the video two times, comparing one call to another, like the thanksgiving one. I can see a small bit of difference on the time, like 4 seconds difference, but otherwise it looks exactly the same when comparing calls. It is really fun to do that because you can see some really interesting features. i recommend anyone watching this to do that

  • "you wanna change the world" yeah you don't change the world for the better by having a child in an overpopulated world…
    "I've thought it through" yeah but you gotta think about your partner

  • Another thing that feels like an artist's choice rather than a plot device. Manly suspects the sped up bit are important, but hearing people's voices making those fast forward voices makes light of whatever is going on. If something is important, the player or viewer would have be a focused and good reader or pause parts of the videos, just seems like another strain or time consumption on the player or viewer.

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